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wayne p    October 13 at 8:06pm

Got another tee in Saturday, good job guys.


wayne p    October 7 at 9:40pm

Gonna have another tee building day soon


wayne p    September 29 at 10:47am

Arrowhead is moving along. Glad they got over the concept of "we are not going to let that trail dictate were we will start the course" because it looks like it will start at the trails end. They also got over cutting trees because they have actually cut some fairways. If they had this attitude all along there would have been more people to help but it is getting done, and we are all glad. I think that we will have a better course when they are done.


wayne p    September 29 at 10:35am

The new tees are great and we will get some more in soon


wayne p    September 7 at 6:03pm

We got four boxes built on Friday and ,in spite of the drizzle, we got three of 'em installed Saturday. Only a few more to go.


wayne p    August 26 at 8:49pm

Friday at the Physh house we will grill and build, Saturday we will install some new tee boxes on the course. Call me and get involved.


wayne p    August 18 at 2:07pm

O K it is time for all of us to step up. We now have the materials to frame our tees and build two more benches for our alt tees. We are going to have a frameing party at Physh and Jordans. Throw on some dogs and burgers and see how many we can build before we are to drunk to safely go on. We will keep you posted on when later but it will be this week maybe. Give me some input.


wayne p    August 11 at 9:33pm

We are getting the materials to frame all our tees. Gonna need some help guys.


wayne p    June 30 at 9:16pm

2nd annual Chainstorm went off very well. Everyone had a great day. Lots of players liked the tournament and will be back.


wayne p    May 11 at 10:12pm

Fixed tees on #3 and #13 today,


wayne p    May 1 at 7:45pm

We should plan a weekly at Gougar Country soon.


wayne p    April 27 at 6:39pm

Yep you got it. Missed ya today.

Ken Longo   April 27 at 8:11pm

yea ...bummed me out couldnt be there...had to fix busted break line on the truck

Ken Longo    April 26 at 12:22pm

Hey everyone...finally got on here ...ty all for letting me throw wid ya's!!


wayne p    April 25 at 9:44am

Chainstorm is coming guys. You should get your flyers soon. put them where you go most.Thanks


wayne p    April 14 at 8:46pm

Got to do some tee work soon guys


wayne p    April 1 at 9:00pm

Very productive meeting. Bob has assured us that the town is with us 100%. They like what we are doing and are on board for the coming changes. We have a great dedicated group here and thanks to all for making our club work so easy.


wayne p    March 31 at 9:18am

Meeting is tonight at Physh's house, 5;30.


wayne p    March 25 at 11:29am

Bob from the town will be at our next meeting to discuss new signs. We need to get our new alts on them. We are moving along now that we are putting less effort into trying to help fix Arrowhead. Seems like a waste of time anyway. The new hanover club is busy with all the stuff they have going on so it is on everyone's back burner for now. We will just go back to being glad that we have what we have and play it like it is. It's still better than nothing. Our meeting is next Monday nite the 31st,come if you can. Physh's house.

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wayne p   March 29 at 1:20pm

Dave you know as well as i do that this all started the day you were throwing down on a foursome on #1 at the castle.There were plenty of your members there to back this up. When i turned around to ask them to stop you got an attitude and came up with your now infamous (in our club anyway) remark of ... more

wayne p   March 29 at 1:40pm

By the way, when I found out that you were club president, I was truely shocked.

Max ROC   March 29 at 4:48pm

That's right Dave, it has been right at 6 months since you handed over the presidency and all progress on Arrowhead was ceased and moved to the back burner. I do not know the exact relationship with you and Brant, but I have talked with him about Arrowhead on many occasions. Whatever he thinks of th ... more

wayne p    March 2 at 11:40pm

8 is done.Yeeeeeeeeeee Hiiiiiiiii.


wayne p    January 31 at 11:12pm

workday tomorrow, 9:30 or whenever you can get there. we will be on #8.


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