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Recent News

wayne p   July 6 at 8:33pm

Sunday at Arrowhead

was another good day. Phil won the day with a 5 under and Clarence, a guest from Charlotte, hit the chains and popped out for the ctp on 13. We will be back at the beach next Sunday for our monthly. Two rounds with hotdogs in between.


wayne p   June 30 at 9:18pm


took the whole day with a 5 under and the ctp shot on the no ace throw off. To keep on schedule we will be back at the head July 6. See ya there


wayne p   June 23 at 7:52pm

Sunday weekly

was a real good day for Phil. He won the day with a 6 under. Due to the tournament at the castle this Sunday we will go to Arrowhead this coming Sunday, June 29. Oz won the money shot.


wayne p   May 18 at 8:02pm


at Arrowhead was a beautiful day. Perfect weather. Phil won the day with a 4 under and Spiderman got the money shot. Next Sunday is at the beach. Thanks to Patty and Ben for coming.


wayne p   May 11 at 10:11pm


was a light turn out due to Mothers day but a nice round. Phil won the day with a 3 under for both rounds and also got the money shot (because of no aces again). Jeff (gloves) got the ctp on #4. Next week is at the head.


wayne p   May 5 at 8:44am

Sunday at the castle was fun,

even if a little wet. Spiderman won the day and Phil got the ctp on #9. Next Sunday is our monthly back at the beach


wayne p   April 28 at 8:47pm

Sunday May 4th

will be at the castle,9:30 tee.


wayne p   April 27 at 6:36pm

Perfect day at the beach.

Jason won the day with a 7 under and got the ctp on 17. Phil got the money shot. Great day


wayne p   April 21 at 8:52pm


was kinda wet. Physh still hit his first ace on #12. He tied Monty for the win with a 2 under but due to Monty coming in with a lower number he left with the lower number of #1. Good job Monty. Physh also got the ctp. It was wet but a great day. Next Sunday will be back at the beach.


wayne p   April 14 at 8:45pm


at the beach was great all the way around. The weather was good and it was not windy. Max won the day with a 5 under for both rounds. He picked the throw off shot that I won. Sue brought some of her banana pudding for the between round eats, good stuff. Thanks to all for another fun day on the course.


wayne p   April 7 at 5:11pm


at the head brought Jeff to the front of the pack for the #1 tag. Great job Jeff, about those gloves, where did you get 'em'? Maybe I need some. Jeff and Max were so close on the throw off they split the money. All in all a good day for us and a great day for Jeff. Sunday will be our monthly at the beach. As usual hot dogs between rounds. See ya there.


wayne p   March 31 at 9:15am


was very windy at the beach. Even so Monty threw an even par to win the day. He also got the ctp on #8. Great job Monty. Bryan was closest ctp on the money shot. A great group and we all had fun. Next Sunday is at the head, hope to see ya there.


wayne p   March 25 at 4:42pm

Sunday 3-30-14 weekley

will be at the beach


wayne p   March 25 at 11:17am


Sunday at the beach turned out great with the weather again. Spiderman won the day with an even par and the money shot also that was through the pergola to the #9 basket. Next Sunday is at the castle.


wayne p   March 17 at 3:12pm


Some how we have an in with Mother Nature and we got the round at the head in. I don't know how it happens but we do it often, the rain stops just long enough. Phil won again with a 7 under. Since there were no aces, Phil picked the shot and what a doozie from the shelter to the #13 basket. Jason was close and won. Great day in spite of the weather. Next Sunday is back at the beach


wayne p   March 10 at 9:43pm

March monthly

Sunday was a beautiful day at the beach. Phil really took the day with a 1 under for both rounds ,one ctp and the money shot. Great job Phil. Jeff won the other ctp. The new #8 is a great 200 ft straight shot and all alternate pins are in place now for the next month. Next Sunday will be at Arrowhead.


wayne p   March 2 at 11:39pm

Workday and Weekly

Saturday's work day finished out the new alt pin placement for #8. We can use it now, great work guys. Sunday at the castle was fun, Spiderman won the day with a 4 and Hope won the money shot. Welcome our new member Kyle.


wayne p   February 24 at 12:30pm

weekly 2-23-14

Well Mark B. threw a 6 under to win today(not bad for the beach). Wayne won the money shot. Weather was very nice and now that the bug problem is under control it is not a problem anymore. I know some people will be glad to hear that. Next Sunday is at the castle. 9:30


wayne p   February 17 at 1:04pm


Arrowhead was a blast. Spiderman tied with Mark B with 7 under. Wayne got the ctp on 11 and David got it on 15. Oz took the money shot since there were no aces. A great day and a good time was had by all. Thanks for showing up guys. We have a great group of players that really love the game. We are making great strides with our course and have joined the other club in the county to try to help with Arrowhead. We did get the tee on #9 fixed but any other fixes will be slow to come(if at all) but ... more


wayne p   February 11 at 2:07pm

2nd monthly

Great turn out, even one new member, welcome Matt. Phil took the #1 spot and mMax won the money shot.


wayne p   February 7 at 7:38pm

2nd monthly

Feb. 9th is our second monthly. As usual there will be hot dogs between rounds. Two ctp's and ace pool. Come on out . tee at 9;30. We will play the new #8 alt. Good luck

Matt Nemmers   February 7 at 8:12pm

Which course? Castle Hayne monthly is tomorrow too.

wayne p   February 1 at 6:32pm


Great day today. We are well on the way to getting the alt 8 done. Thanks to you guys that were there. Myself, Spiderman, Stevie, Max and David, great job.


wayne p   January 13 at 9:16am

1st monthly

We had a great game Sunday. Jason won the #1 tag and Stevie hit the ctp with a disc against the pin. A great time was had by all. Next Sunday is at the head.


wayne p   January 9 at 7:56pm

Jan.12 monthly

We will only play one round Sunday due to the Panthers game. I hope that I win on the course and the Panthers win the game. See ya at 9:30.good luck.


wayne p   January 7 at 9:32am

the head

sorry Matt I (we) just shorten Arrowhead to the head. We say the beach, the castle and the head.


wayne p   January 4 at 5:43pm

Weekly Jan.5

Due to the meeting at the head tomorrow at 10:00 we will play the head at 12:00. This is a change from the schedule hope you can make it.

Matt Nemmers   January 4 at 7:47pm

What course is "The Head?" ( around here.)

wayne p   December 30 at 7:47pm

Club Meeting

Jan 6,6:00 at Physh and Jordan's. All that can please come.


wayne p   December 30 at 7:11pm


This Sunday will be at the beach and will be time for new tags. Ten bucks re-ups your membership and gets you a new tag. See ya there,


wayne p   December 24 at 4:00pm

Christmas Eve

impromptu game today at the head today was great, Myself, Max, Jeff, Allan, Jason, Hope, Phil and Physh. FUN.


wayne p   December 23 at 6:23pm


Sunday was great at the beach. Stevie won the day for the #1 tag and Physh won the money shot on the ctp. Sunday (the last day of the year) will be at the castle. See ya there and good luck.


wayne p   December 18 at 7:11pm


We will be at the beach.See ya there


wayne p   December 15 at 7:37pm

Weekly at Arrowhead

.We had a great day at Arrowhead today .We got cut a little short by the meeting of the Arrowhead improvement group from the New Hanover club but it was well worth it. We are closer together than ever and a good change is coming. Thanks to those that were there. Phil was there to defend the #1 tag, good job Phil. See you all at the castle Sunday.


wayne p   December 11 at 7:19pm

new tags

Yep here comes another year. The new tags are here and will begin to be played for on Jan 1.10 bucks re-ups you and gets your tag. Our first play date in Jan. is the 5th,at the beach. See ya there.


wayne p   December 5 at 9:06pm


you know we just feel differently about this far as compromise Dave can tell you that I compromised with him to get a plan passed that had a work day wasn't all me. Dave was also a part of that decision. now we have to go on.I just want whats best for this course. Your right Jeff it does sound like golf with a disc. Thats why its disc-golf. all I really want is the best course we can have on the property we have.I don't want to piss anybody off.

Big Wave Dave   December 5 at 9:40pm

Great post Wayne. Yes you did compromise and i think that in the end like you said we can all come together and get some good stuff done. Thanks again for the dialogue!!