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Billy Gaskill   7 days ago

Sunday Doubles

Sunday doubles is at Willamette this week!

11am tee

random draw

$4,$2mullies,$1 ace.


Billy Gaskill   March 30 at 10:51am

Sunday Doubles

Sunday Doubles is back after AFD8!

11am, today, Adair.

See you out there!



Billy Gaskill   March 14 at 3:54pm

Special "Spring Celebration" Sunday Doubles!

Hey all,

I am super excited about sunday doubles this weekend!

the weather is supposed to be great. we'll have at least 5 sweet ctps including a couple first run discs!

come on out on Sunday. random draw, $4 to get in, $1 mulligans, $1 ace pot ($100 payout)

it's going to be EPIC!


Billy Gaskill   March 14 at 3:55pm

Adair, 11am tee off.

Kalib A.   March 15 at 11:01am


Slick Willie   March 15 at 11:38pm

Is dubs at Willamette this week?

Billy Gaskill   March 7 at 6:00pm

Sunday Doubles

Hey all.

The WDGC President's Cup is this weekend on Sunday. I think I'll go ahead and cancel Sunday Doubles at Willamette.

I'll see you all out at Adair on 3/16!



Billy Gaskill   February 23 at 10:50am

Sunday Doubles

Today, 11am. Random. $4in, $2mulligans,$1acepot. $100 aces...

Hope to see you.


- scottishrob -   February 23 at 7:51pm

You the man, doc!

Billy Gaskill   February 2 at 12:42pm

Sunday Dubs

Sorry about the late notice.

Dubs will be at Adair at 11am today.

Come on out before the game!



Billy Gaskill   January 11 at 9:10pm

Sunday Doubles

@ Willamette this week = easy $100 aces!

Mike Key running it for me.

Wish I could make it.

Have fun guys!


Billy Gaskill   January 11 at 9:11pm


Billy Gaskill   January 4 at 11:20pm

Sunday Doubles





random draw


$100 ace pots




Billy Gaskill   December 28 at 7:53pm

Sunday Dubs, Adair, 11am tee off.

It should be great tomorrow! Some of our Salem homies are going to be coming down!

I'm going to try to make it over from work.

It'll be run by Mike Gibson. Uphill/downhill (Pro/Am) style.

$4 buy in plus options of up to (2) $1 mulligans and $1 ace pot.

Ace pot is $100 (can hit several for more $$$, Jerah style!)

There will be at least 1 CTP, maybe more if I make it out.

Hope to see you all out there!



Billy Gaskill   December 22 at 12:37pm

Jingle Dubs

Hey all,

Sunday Doubles will be back at Adair (after a little break for snow, triples, etc.)

Random Draw

$4, $1 ace pot, up to 2 $1 mulligans.

See you out there!


Billy Gaskill   December 22 at 12:38pm

oops...11am tee, as usual

Steve Moore   December 25 at 3:39pm

So Sunday Doubles this sunday at Adair, might have to see if can make it happen from this end

Billy Gaskill   December 15 at 3:00am

Club Dubs returns!

WDGC club dubs will be @ Willamette this week.

(b/o OSU triples thing @ Adair)

11am tee. $4-$2-$1 $7"all in"

Hope to see you out there!



Billy Gaskill   December 8 at 1:55am

WDGC Sunday Doubles

I threw a couple discs in this snow. it's too easy to lose them. no Sunday dubs this week.

see you all next week @ adair!


Billy Gaskill   November 30 at 12:11am

Sunday Doubles

Hey all,

Random Dubs @ Adair 11am Sunday!

I'm excited because it's MY first club dubs on the new tee pads!!

They really turned out awesome. I'd sure like to see some of our Salem Homies who helped us on the day of the big pour. I know they are working on a new course (Wheatland DGC) from 1-5. Maybe we can carpool from dubs up to the new course and tear it up!

Hope to see you all out there. Since I missed the first dubs on the new pads, I'll make it special this time. There will be at least 3 CTPs!


Billy Gaskill   December 1 at 5:27pm

That was a lot of fun! Shane and Kevin took first. I think it was Luke and Aric in second. Swatters took the hole 11 CTP (a glow mini). Mike Gibson made out like a bandit, taking 2 CTPs-- A tasty 22oz beer and a star rhino!

Billy Gaskill   November 21 at 7:02pm

Sunday Doubles

Sunday Dubs will be at Adair this week. It'll be our first round on the new concrete tee pads!!

I figure, as a nod to ol' Gibson and Banner, we'll do this one "uphill/downhill". I'd like to see a bunch of us out there! I'd especially like to see myself out there (have to come over from work). It looks like the weather is going to be great.

I'm looking forward to it. See you all out there.



Billy Gaskill   November 17 at 10:01pm

WDGC Sunday Doubles

Good times @ Bryant park!!

luke and manny took it down with a negative -13!!(welcome back, Manny, good to see you)

kendo took down the hole #1 ctp, a lagunitas ipa

kalib(new guy from Albany) took down BOTH the hole 15 ctp (an imperial red something) AND the hole 18 longest putt (a Roc3)!!!


Billy Gaskill   November 15 at 7:33pm

Concrete Tee Pads reality @ Adair!!!

What a strong turnout! Thanks so much you guys. It was really good to have so many guys with concrete pouring experience (To make up for my gross incompetence!)

A special thanks to our Salem bros. You guys kicked ass! Thanks for rollin down the hill to help us out.

And now we wait...I think we can start playing on Tuesday. I'll double check that and let you all know.

Thanks again everybody!


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Mike Wilson   November 15 at 8:02pm

Congrats to you all for your hard work! We all will reap the benefits!

ROGUE RIDER   November 16 at 12:02am

woooooooooohooooooooooooo concrete T-pads at ADAIR!

ROGUE RIDER   November 16 at 12:11am

of ALL the work partys ive been to, today at adair was hands down the best organized and most productive of them ALL! outstanding efforts by everyone <25+> thankyou all who join in on the course improvement. we will all enjoy it for years to come ...so now when can we start? 19th baskets go back in?

Billy Gaskill   November 13 at 2:21am

Willamette Glow

Hey All,

Since we're not pouring concrete tomorrow, a few of us thought that it's time for some glow!

I propose a glow round @ Willamette.

I'll be there @ 5:30 for sign up. Tee off @ 6pm. Random Flip. 5$ buy in. winners take all.

See you out there!


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Jason "Rooster" Bruster   November 14 at 1:23am

We would love it if the locals wanted to join us when we come play at Willamette... Its free casual play with a $2 growing ace pot and side bets are welcome

Jason "Rooster" Bruster   November 14 at 1:28am

Oh yeah, one thing thou... Lunar League is a family friendly league so drugs and alcohol is prohibited during league play.

Billy Gaskill   November 15 at 8:29am

cool Jason, thanks for the info. it's a great course for glow (pretty easy to set up baskets)

Billy Gaskill   November 12 at 5:43pm

Concrete Tee Pads @ Adair Friday 11/15 (My Birthday!!!)

Hey all,

We had to reschedule the big pour for Friday. Sorry if you made plans to come out tomorrow! We've scheduled a 1030 truck arrival time. We still needed as many bodies, wheelbarrows, and shovels as we can get.

I'll see you all on Friday. If nothing else, make it your birthday present to me! :-)


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Billy Gaskill   November 12 at 11:44pm

I'm bringing something badass for lunch. my kids call it "dad's famous mac and cheese".

Billy Gaskill   November 13 at 11:04pm

I'm so pumped! I can't wait to be riding a mini-tank tread wheelbarrow around dumping beautiful concrete in our forms!!!

Kalib A.   November 14 at 11:18am

thanks guys, sorry can't be there to help.

Billy Gaskill   November 12 at 10:30am

President's Cup 2013!!!

Jay Sexton has announced this year's President's Cup date and location!!

Where: Bellfountain County Park.

When: December 7, 2013. (Check in 8-9 AM)

Who: Anyone who is a member of WDGC (or becomes one now for the low low price of $10). Registration closes Dec. 5.

Detail/Registration: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By9VVjoalB7XNU8wOFI3ZGVsOVk/edit?usp=sharing

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Mike Wilson   November 12 at 12:09pm

Letting you know I can't access it on my phone

Slick Willie   November 12 at 1:22pm

As a member of the WDGC do I have to register or can I hit up Nate or Jay?

Billy Gaskill   November 13 at 7:54am

darn mike, I'm not sure what else to do. I made it publicly viewable on google drive. can you see it on your computer? do you need a pdf reader on your phone?

Billy Gaskill   November 11 at 12:10am

Concrete T-Pads at Adair!!!!!!

Hey guys, Concrete T-pads at Adair are becoming a reality! All the forms are in place. I'm told that Dave Pittman has quietly (as usual) moved a bunch of gravel today. We need to move a bunch more and pack it down in preparation for the cement. If you can come out and help tomorrow @ 10am, we'll be out there finishing up the gravel work. Doug Ulfers is volunteering his tractor. If you have a wheelbarrow, bring it on out along with shovels and gloves. This is pretty damn exciting. I ... more

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Billy Gaskill   November 12 at 11:44am

The big pour is tomorrow. I'll post a time when I know when the concrete truck is going to show up. We need as many wheelbarrows and shovels and bodies as we can get. Stay tuned for more details.

Billy Gaskill   November 2 at 11:22pm

Sunday Dubs

Tomorrow, 11am, Adair.

Random Draw. We'll draw poker chips for partners/starting hole.

$100 ace pots--as many as you can make! (mostly for Jerah).

CTPs: 2 CTPs tomorrow. 1 sexy piece of plastic and 1 hearty wintery beer (root if yer not into the malted barley kind)

The rain is going to be...well...intermittent. Be brave, come on out!



Billy Gaskill   November 2 at 4:50pm

WDGC active on DGS?!?!?

Hey All, I'm going to give Disc Golf Scene a try for our Leagues/Events (at least for the ones I'm running). It seems like a majority of us are booked into the Yahoo group for internal club stuff, and that's fine with me. I think we'll be able to reach more local golfers this way though, especially for some of the league and weekly events I'm running. Justin Skinnell got us started on here, but then he bailed for S. America. (btw, saw him recently and he says hi to everyone. He's doing ... more