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Larry Jennings    1 day ago

Just a quick note to let you all know that registration is open for the 2014 Discraft Shoot The Breeze Open, June 7 & 8, at Lake Shore Park, Ashtabula:


Bob Becker    April 9 at 6:07pm


C-tier event

JULY 26th -July 27th

2 day event, free camping, another awesome raffle. Pre pay registration at:


Joshua Lammerding    April 4 at 12:58pm

After an awesome discussion with PK Deaner about a NEO Points Series, SPring Meltdown will be Event #1, Beauty and the Beast will be Event #2 and Flight of the Zeppelins will be Event #3. It would be awesome to be able to run this series through the NEO Open and have as many NEO stops as we can fit into it between #3 and then. We were also talking about doing both shirts and bag tags for the series. With this in mind, we need to think about funding and art work. The shirts are not a problem, ... more

Bill Flynn   April 4 at 1:16pm

should more be involved before mass posting? same old post first ask questions later. would be good to have discussion across neodga before posting plans.

Joshua Lammerding   April 4 at 1:21pm

There was a discussion posted on one of the NEO boards and quite a few people want this to happen.

Jeff Stanek   April 4 at 3:24pm

Bill, will you be playing Spring Meltdown?

Scott Campbell    April 1 at 11:37am

Disc golf friends, I am desperate need of help at Westbranch (The Grassman) 9 holes are installed but a little more cleaning up need done on the front. The back 9 is where i need the most help. Over than past few months myself and a park worker have been cutting and trimming on the back 9 so we can get the baskets put in by the end of April. I need help clearing the fairways of all the trees and brush we have cut down. I will be going out on Saturday April 5th at 9am to work. I’ll be out th ... more

Scott Campbell   April 2 at 11:24am

TCDGA is offering free group camping on August 9 @ west branch for anyone who helps with Westbranch (The Grassman) course this Saturday. I will provide a list of names to Bill Flynn to assure you a spot for camping.

Bill Flynn    March 8 at 6:34am

Saturday leagues at this course? Didn't see any posted.

Trevor Murphy   March 8 at 7:15am

I believe Superman Saturdays... starts at 10am...

katie meloy    January 22 at 10:45pm


Now that I have your attention, don’t forget to mark your calendar for May 10th.

The Women’s Global Event is happening this year in Ohio at Delaware State Park in Mid-Ohio.

This is a work in progress (I am still working on getting the park’s approval which I’m sure I will). So PLAN ON IT!!

May 10th, 2014 @ Delaware State Park.. OHIO LADIES UNITE. Tell your friends to tell your friend’s friends.

(Guys, tell your ladies!!)


Trevor Murphy    October 16 at 10:57am

Hello Neighbors! I would like to extend an invite to our upcoming Season Ending tournament out at Pymatuning State Park DGC. We are excited to host our first tournament there and have a full season starting again in April. We are gathering players from around the area, Meadville, Jamestown, Greenville, Erie, and Sharon areas.. Should be an awesome day of Disc Golf.. If you have nothing to do and would like to come out! Please Join us!! ... more


Joshua Lammerding    October 12 at 6:08pm

Today was a good day. I expected a few bumps and got none. Thanks to the players who came out and played the Northeast Ohio (NEO) Open at Young's Run DGC today! Got some awesome tee shots and putting shots to be posted soon. I will have my TD report submitted asap.


Joshua Lammerding    October 12 at 6:06pm

Would anyone be interested in a Winter Glow League at Young's Run on Wednesday evenings? During the Fall it would be from like 8-10 and during the winter it would go down to like 6-8 (or something along those lines).


Scott Campbell    September 24 at 8:46pm

Saturday, September 28 I will be going to West Branch (The Grassman) to try to finish the clearing on 3 holes. If I can get this finished on Saturday I can get the first 9 holes installed very soon. I would appreciate any help, and if you just want to come out and check out the layout I would be more than happy to show you. This is were the front 9 is at: #1 Done waiting for basket and tee markers #2 Done waiting for basket and tee markers #3 Clearing needs done #4 Done waiting for baske ... more


eric centanni    July 1 at 3:36pm

Pdga b- tier at portage lakes/ Hudson Aug 10th and 11th.

Joshua Lammerding   July 2 at 1:43am

oh. yeah i will definitely be moving that. it wasn't on the schedule so i thought the weekend was clear. sorry about that Eric. :)

Joshua Lammerding    May 30 at 11:32pm

I'm thinking about putting an Ace Race here in Warren this year. If you're into the idea, lemme know and I'll get the ball rolling on scheduling and ordering. If not, we'll just continue to drive 90 minutes to get to one. ;)

Joshua Lammerding   May 30 at 11:33pm

I will definitely still be going to the Ace Race in Euclid, I won't be breaking that 3 year tradition lol

eric wernet   May 31 at 6:59am

Actually, I believe this will be the 8th in a row. :-)

Joshua Lammerding   May 31 at 4:39pm

and ive been to 3 of them ;)

Ron McCollum    April 24, 2013 at 9:26pm

We are scheduling a clean-up at Mosquito Lake (Dame side) on Monday May 6th from 5-7pm. Baskets were installed today and tee boxes are being set in the next couple weeks. I you have not been able to attend one of the past two clean-ups...this is your chance to stop out and check out the course and lend a hand for the park.


Trevor Murphy    January 13, 2013 at 11:21am

If you have a facebook page and would like to follow the TCDGA on Facebook. We now made it easier for you by making a Username... follow this link to keep up to date on all tournament and upcoming rounds...


Joshua Lammerding    December 30, 2012 at 5:18pm

Planning a work day for after the snow melts enough for us to drive in, down at Churchill Park DGC clearing fairways and putting up some natural targets so we can play and figure out the layout for when we get the baskets and tee pads in.

Have: Gloves, Boots, Cutting Implement.

I will bring for us to use: Twine, Drill, Screws, Saws, Shovels, Rakes and more.

If anyone can help, get a hold of me. I'll try to make it for a day when the most people are available.


Andy Morrison    August 24, 2012 at 3:22pm

Reminder - We'll be pouring the remaining 15 blue tee pads at Punderson tomorrow morning starting at 8am. Anyone who can come help would be greatly appreciated.


eric centanni    August 23, 2012 at 8:34pm

!!!!COME ONE COME ALL!!!! Hudson Springs Disc Golf Course now has 18 brand new 4’ x 12’ concrete tee pads. Come help us celebrate this awesome accomplishment. Next Tuesday August 28th at 6:00pm, we will have our first weekly scramble on the new pads. It would be sweet to break those puppies in with a 35+ scramble. The format will be the same as always $5 + $1 optional ace fund. The Ace Fund is at $300 with a back up at around $60. Our club has been influenced and supported ... more


Trevor Murphy    July 15, 2012 at 9:19am

Wish I could make this event.. just found out about this site.. Hope to see you all at lil Keystone at the end of August!!


Joshua Lammerding    March 20, 2012 at 12:19am

Churchill Park Fundraiser Discs out the door to make way for our next disc, Wizards.

Champ Katanas for 14.00!

Colors offered:

Red - 5: 167, 170, 170, 170, 171

Yellow - 3: 171, 171, 172

Purple - 2 pearlies: 175, 175

Orange - 5 (1 pearly): 167, 170, 170, 175


eric centanni    January 24, 2012 at 11:47am

where are all of the old timers... bill, kevin, joe, kenny, jim, tony. somebody get these geriatric aviators on this site.


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