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Tom Harrigan   November 2, 2012 at 11:46am

Hollow Glow Results

15 Players total. Beautiful night.

1st place: -18 Tracey ****an and Matt Powers

2nd place -15 Scott Lammers and Tony Gerou

3rd place -14 Matt Lankenin and Tom Harrigan

4th place -11 Rick Boyd and Ben Jones


Tom Harrigan   July 20, 2012 at 6:53pm

Updated Secret Handshake Members

Current Secret Handshake Gang Full Members

1) Tracy "Faygee Bob" ****an

2) Tom "Schloob" Schlehuber

3) Bill "Coach" "Shoopa" "Billy Bob" Shomacher

4) Reid "That One Guy" Brooks

5) Scott "Slam Bob" Lammers

6) Todd "Toddzilla" "Uncle Todd" Lewis

7) Tom "Harry Bob" Harrigan

Part Timers

1) Grant McMullen

2) Jake "SkatterGun" Kohler

3) Jason Karle and Gypsy

4) Mark "Bubba" Boring

5) Phil "McCrackin" Popa

6) Josh Johnston

7) Matt Lankinen

8) Don "Olie" Olendorf