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Jason Adamski    4 days ago

Night Moose Nights 3/26/15. League is on today and I re-designed the course so it plays quite a bit differently with the longest hole being around 550-600'. I will be home around 3pm if anyone wants a warm up round. Hope to see you out there!!!

Tyler MacDonell   4 days ago

Is this open to anyone?

Jason Adamski   4 days ago


Jason Adamski   4 days ago

Text me if you need more info 7346359596

Jason Adamski    March 19 at 7:47am

Night Moose Nights Spring/Summer 2015

Today is the kickoff of the 2015 Spring/Summer evening league. The league page has just been created and we will be teeing off around 5:45-6pm and should be able to play most of the round with daylight. Be aware that the last few holes may be glow so please plan accordingly. $10 a man that is all paid out with an optional $1 ace pool that will pay out 100% when hit. Look forward to seeing everyone out tonight. Call or text me if you are running late (734)635-9596.

Timmy Redman   March 19 at 4:05pm

how bad is the mud?

Jason Adamski   March 19 at 4:43pm

Not bad at all, maybe a few soft spots but 95% dry

Jason Adamski   March 19 at 4:43pm

We have at least 3 players for sure.

Jason Adamski    March 17 at 3:41pm

Anyone feeling some Moose Meadows golf?

Wade Calvert   March 17 at 4:10pm

Sure sounds good, what time?

Jason Adamski    February 11 at 9:06am

Anyone wanna hit willow today?


Jason Adamski    January 29 at 2:31pm

Give me a shout if your coming out for leagues so I know if I should hang lights


Jason Adamski    January 29 at 2:10pm

Weather should be good for glow golf tonight.


Jason Adamski    January 15 at 2:20pm

Anyone coming out for league tonight?

Wade Calvert   January 15 at 3:12pm

I have to work late

Jason Adamski    January 9 at 6:14pm

After talking with Soutgate Rec director this week it look likes there is a good chance for a disc golf league we will run on Thursdays every week in late Spring/Summer. Will keep everyone posted.

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Jason Adamski   January 11 at 9:26pm

Casual golf is planned for one Saturday a month. Not sure on cost yet but will update when I have more info.

Jason Adamski   January 11 at 9:26pm

I know carts will be available and a fair amount of water like the tourny I run every year.

Patrick Snay   March 2 at 7:29pm

Any more word on this?

Jason Adamski    December 15 at 11:42pm

Looking for volunteers to help with Willow ace race I am planning in early March. Plan on 2 rounds of 30 with 6 extras in picnic area. $20 entry or $10 with two dot discs.

Patrick Snay   January 11 at 2:14pm

I'll help as long as I'm not at work

Patrick Snay   March 4 at 7:18am

It looks like I am currently scheduled to work. I will try to get it off.

Jason Adamski    December 11 at 9:23am

Switch to singles league

Thursday glow at Moose Meadows will be a singles league until the weather warms up and we get a better turn out. We will be playing 24 holes of glow golf that is $10 a person that will all be paid out, there is no ace pool.

John Hornyak   December 11 at 12:42pm

Hadicap ? How many strokes am I getting ?

Jason Adamski   December 11 at 3:46pm

We will figure it out

Jason Adamski    December 4 at 4:06pm

Glow league today at 6pm Moose Meadows $10 a man dubs no ace pool all cash.


Jason Adamski    October 28 at 9:51am

Would like to thanks everyone again for all their hard work this year. We have plenty of extra shirts to sell and we have decided we will be selling them for $15. We have a lot of the blue shirts with team logo left and a few black with tourny stamp. Let me know if you want one and I can get them to you or you can pick it up. Thanks again to Wizzle for helping out with everything and hope to see people out this Thursday.

Dave Lassen   October 29 at 10:40am

Thanks for hosting the Night Moose Open V...Jay.....course was sweet....the food was delicious, and as always had a blast.Seems to get better every year.Also thanks to all that helped out with the coordination of the event.

Foz Miller    October 27 at 8:13pm

We lost our venue. They tried to raise the cost. Still looking for a place for indoor putting.

Fred Vocino   October 29 at 1:45pm

You got my "wheels rolling" when I saw the earlier piece regarding the skate park. I've been blading indoors for 20 years; the thought of baskets in the rink had occurred to me. I believe you have rinks in Ypsi and Canton with many open time slots. I would travel far to see my wish for a rolling, shooting and scoring game come true. Putting in tennis shoes would be fun also.

Foz Miller    October 27 at 9:37am

Anyone interested in Disc Golf Roller Derby? Thanks Sam Hardesty for hooking us up with a new Indoor Putting location. We are set to test out the Roller Disco Indoor Putting extravaganza - Ok it's indoor putting, not freezing or snowy, plenty of room, music, some food, but they don't sell spirits, so come on out and let's check it out TOMORROW night - Yes Tuesday 10/28/2014 at the Roller Skate Park - Disc Golfers will be the only ones there. We will start at 7:00 - you ... more


Jason Adamski    October 19 at 8:42pm

Work day at Moose Meadows 10/22-10/23. If available swing by anytime.


Marcos Aguilera    October 17 at 1:04pm

for some reason I was not following this discussion.


Jason Adamski    October 16 at 7:20am

Trying to figure out how many people will be attending leagues later tonight. Course has been completely altered and want to get some feedback on design/layout. We will be teeing off around 5:45-6. Ace pool is at $70 and will pay out 100% if hit. Please post a comment if you will be attending.

Wade Calvert   October 16 at 10:38am

I should be there I'll let you know for sure around 3. Right now i plan on going though

Wade Calvert   October 16 at 3:52pm

I'll be there for sure, I'll be at willow till around 5 then

Jesse -    October 3 at 6:23pm

Is Night Moose no longer associated with the Southwinds fundraiser?


Scott Martinelli    October 2 at 1:25pm

To all my fellow golfers,
My close friend had his truck broken into and a lot of stuff was stolen. I am asking for a donation of 6 discs. 2 putters, 2 mids, and 2 drivers. I have a bag for him already. I am playing glow tonight at Jay's. Otherwise, please give the discs to Jay A. Or Adam S. I truly appreciate anything you can give.
Thank you,


Jason Adamski    September 25 at 6:33pm

Please post shirt sizes for dri fits

Wade Calvert   September 25 at 6:40pm


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