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Rick Saffeels    April 7 at 2:51pm

**NEW TOURNAMENT VENUE** We have just booked a tournament for this summer at the Auburn Golf course in Salem! Temporary Course for the day. First 35 to sign up will receive a disc in their players pack. Limited to 45 people. More info to follow. There will be one motorized Golf Cart for rent to the highest bidder (starting at $25). This will be a Saturday tournament and it will be catered. It may get sanctioned if I can find someone with a PDGA directors license.

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G Stern   April 7 at 10:01pm

What is the date for the event?

Nick Nisbet   April 7 at 10:56pm

I want in!

john snyder   April 8 at 10:33pm

I want in also

Steve Moore    February 6 at 8:49pm

Anybody up for a round of real safari disc golf?


Rick Saffeels   February 7 at 12:38am

Dude I just read the article and Gumputt? 3 Aces!? I want in! You want to sponsor me team HawgFarm?? Haha I'd be down

ROGUE RIDER   February 7 at 1:14am

gumputt... can i just use my juju its the same thing! almost

Dallas Trower    January 28 at 1:29pm

Super Sunday Singles Tournament at Dallas City Park February 9th

2 rounds on a modified par 57 18 hole layout.

This will be 4 divisions, Intermediate, Advanced, Masters, Open. There will be cash payout in all 4 divisions. As always there will multiple cash CTPS as well as other CTPS. Acepot and CTP is included in buy in. There is going to be ALOT of OB'S and ALOT of FUN! If you would like to preregister just send me a message with your name division and email to link you to the scene. Or if you have any questions just let me know.


Rick Saffeels    December 24 at 4:33pm

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! If anyone is looking for something more about this Christmas check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXgH8ZIz9jQ

Joe chase   December 24 at 5:34pm

Very cool Rick thanks! Merry Christmas buddy!

Steve Moore    November 11 at 11:21pm

Good evening and just want to make sure a invite goes out to the glow disc golf players. This Wednesday starts a traveling glow league present by PacWest and open to all. Lunar League "Traveling Glow" details can be found under Leagues section. Thank you, Steve


Rick Saffeels    October 22 at 11:49pm

Make sure you make Jolly Campers your favorite group and also come to The Nov. 2nd Spooktacular BRING YOUR OWN DOUBLES TOURNEY!! Only $15 a person!! http://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Spooktacular_Scared_Square_at_Canyonview_Camp_2013


Rick Saffeels    October 1 at 4:51pm

Got off the phone this morning with the Ice Bowl man himself Rick calling me all the way from Missouri and looks like we are going to run our first Ice Bowl on Saturday January 11th and we will be sponsoring our Local Charity called SACA (Silverton Area Community Aid)! I will be posting the tourney soon! More details to come this next week!

Steve Moore   October 1 at 5:10pm

You just keep them events coming for us, thanks and keep up the good work.

Rick Saffeels    September 30 at 3:24pm

Join us this Friday at Canyonview Camp for FRIDAY FROLFERS as we continue to give out prizes, cash, and points, the best of all worlds, as well as having our ace pot skyrocket to $54 after this last weekend donation! Thanks!

ROGUE RIDER   September 30 at 10:34pm

awesome bagtags, Mr Jon Long you sir are a saint! ...hows the flydye rouge you got from ROGUE?

Steve Moore    August 31 at 9:19pm

Camp Taloli

Steve Moore   August 31 at 11:10pm

You going to be able to join me and whoever else shows up Monday?

Steve Moore    August 31 at 9:17pm

Been in contact with camp and told we are welcome at 9:00 Monday the 2nd to officially start the after summer season. Hope to see lots of folk's able to make it out. I plan on a couple rounds most likely and welcome all others to join.

Steve Moore   September 1 at 2:32pm

If you don't have 2013 pass don't forget to feed the $$box. Let's not create any unneeded problems please. Thanks and hope to see you there

Rick Saffeels    August 20 at 9:06pm

We have had a great camp season! We finish our last day camp on Friday and we are putting on Great Tournament weekend for those of you not going to the NAAC so sign up now for Saturday or Sunday! 2 Days, 2 different tournaments, one great course: Canyinview Camp in Silverton, OR!


Rick Saffeels    August 11 at 12:42pm

This is just a for fun way to be in the know about Private Courses that you normally wouldn't play! As Program Diector at Canyonview Camp, my goal is to help the community by sharing our resources and allow positive growth in the areas of disc golf, paintball, and other Adventure ministries. Canyonview is the main course for info, as we are opening our arms to having any club to run tournaments, League nights/during lunch time, and specific times to play the course. It is a private course so it ... more

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Rick Saffeels   August 11 at 5:45pm

I had to just make this. It will be edited within this next week but it will be subject to change! Great ideas!!

- Myk Nemeth -   August 12 at 12:17am

did somebody say PAINTBALL.................ive got a timmy and an E O S that havent been used since i started playing disc golf 3 years ago.....im itchin to hose somebody

ROGUE RIDER   August 12 at 12:36am

MYK ... dude gotta see cayonview camp, amazing course <new and you know what that means> there paintball area is huge and it has, trees, platform level changes, classic car and even a homemade tank for obsticles. ive never played but now i realy want to try it.