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Steve Godar   September 23 at 11:34am

PLDGA meeting

I would like to have a PLDGA meeting on Saturday Sept. 27 at the course. 10:30 AM.

If its to cold or rainy we will meet at McDonalds. We will tidy up this year and make some plans for next. Please come out and show your support.

Dan'hyzer' Kilgore   September 23 at 11:53am

It's suppose to be a really nice day this Saturday.

Steve Godar   August 14 at 8:58am

2015 "Super Tour" Tournament

Hello All, What does anybody think about an "Super Tour" (PDGA does not call it an A tier) tournament in Summit county in 2015? The 2015 amateur world championship is in Michigan on July 17-25. The World Championships are in Pittsburgh August 1-8. We could have a 2 day tournament the week before the ams on July 11-12 2015. The pros and ams will be coming to this side of the country in this time period and I am thinking it could be a bigger draw. $2000 minimum needs to be raised toward pro purs ... more

Jay Kovach   August 14 at 10:31am

That's a lot of behind the scenes work I personally don't have the time while I would like to see something like that happen at wing foot I don't even have the staff or help I personally think Hudson and their crew are probably more capable of making it happen than the wing foot crew also a good showcase for their improvements.

Michael Emerick   August 14 at 10:40am

I would be interested in helping not sure exactly what I could do but let me know.

Steve Godar   July 24 at 8:01am


I have 2 umbrellas left at "Chain Shot" last Saturday.

Is one of them yours?


Steve Godar   July 20 at 6:35pm

"Chain Shot" Tournament Exciting Playoff Scenario

Matt Pilch, Mike Rickerd, Matt Dungan and Adam Woodword all shot 61s. They went to a sudden death playoff starting at #10. None of the 4 had good drives. All 4 had good approaches though and easy putts were made for pars. On #11 all had great anhyzer drives. Mike hit a tree that left him in the middle of the fairway but much farther from the basket than the others. He absolutely nailed his very long approach that left him parked. The others had good approaches with approx. 15-20 footers left. Ad ... more

jeff gayhart   July 20 at 7:37pm

Nice play by play Steve for those who were not there. Im glad Matt D. won thats his course and totally deserved it!

Dan'hyzer' Kilgore   July 21 at 1:07pm

Steve has a little Harry Cary going on. If the sudden death had gone to hole # 17 would we have heard the play by play announcer sing take me out to the Disc Golf course?? Thanks for sharing the highlights of the sudden death, Steve. Wish I could of played, I'm also glad that # 14 and # 15 we're the ... more

Steve Godar   October 24, 2012 at 6:49am

PLDGC video

Here is a video I made of Amanda Smith playing Portage Lakes Disc Golf Course.