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Mike Wilson    5 days ago

Big News!! Valarie Jenkins-Doss and Nate Doss will be at Tiger Discs Monday April 13th from 5:30 to 7:00. Come on in and meet some of our local pros.


Brady "Church" Reese    February 20 at 2:20am

Hey whats up everyone! They're here!!! Check out the links below if you want a Locals Route Disc Golf custom basket necklace and keychain!! These are saweeeeet :)




Brady "Church" Reese    February 4 at 11:02pm

Hey whats up everyone!
Check out new tourney I posted for March 21st at Taloali! Gonna be super a fun tournament with special layout and added holes : ) Cash payouts, ace pot, CTPs, fun, fun, fun : ) See link below for all info. Don’t miss out on a blast at this beautiful course. Message me to register.


Mike Wilson    December 31 at 4:25pm

Have fun but most of all be safe.... See ya in 2015!!


Billy Gaskill    November 14 at 12:46am

The Pooia is sponserin pros and hosting a thurs night putting league. It sounds awesome.

See you there.


Jason "Rooster" Bruster   November 15 at 10:43am

Thanks Billy, if anyone wants to get better scores per round a putting league is the way to do it! We haven't been able to get a location since the first year we did ours. It was such a great help to my game!

Jeff "MaxPsych" Heltsley    November 3 at 5:34pm

Are any of you guys wanting to ride with me to Junction City tomorrow to walk the course property / discuss course layout possibilities? I know Roger is coming in from the south so he will not need a ride. Let me know. I will be leaving Salem at 1130. Let me know.

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Jeff "MaxPsych" Heltsley   November 3 at 6:15pm

Meeting is at 1:00

Mike Wilson   November 3 at 6:34pm

No way for me. I'm not getting off until 2.

Grape Ape   November 3 at 6:40pm

I work

Mike Wilson    August 10 at 1:08am

Please note the change. Things happen. But we want to thank Will Schusterick for working with us!


Mike Wilson    August 8 at 1:12am


Had a few things that have slowed me down this week, sorry.

But I'll be out Friday afternoon to replace missing tee signs with more temporary signs. (We are finalizing the permenant tee signs now)

Next week we should have the permenant walk out signs in place.

A couple of garbage cans will be installed on the course, also hopefully by the end of next week.

The kiosk has beer delayed. So we are thinking of putting up a temporary kiosk.

And finally the netting to protect the Host Site should be up in the next several weeks too.


Steve Moore    July 18 at 12:42pm

** Toledo DGC needs TLC after being vandalized **
The new Toledo DGC install was totally vandalized recently and needs repair work to redo damage and finish install. A small group of folks are working hard on this project over there and have new supplies ready to start over. I am looking at going over Sunday the 27th this month to assist with this project. If anyone not busy and would like to help out and carpool over let me know please. More details to follow, just trying to get word out to all. Thank you.

Mr CLEAN   July 18 at 1:44pm

huge annual tournament that day, and i mean HUGE, sorry i cant do a workparty that day

Aaron U   July 18 at 11:47pm

There is also a work party @ Milo McIver on the 27th.

Brady "Church" Reese    July 16 at 1:27am

**PLEASE READ #2 - LETS PARTY!!!** LOCALS ROUTE DISC GOLF will be at the SALEM BITE & BREW FESTIVAL!!! When: July 25-27 (Fri: 4pm-11pm/Sat: 11am-11pm/Sun: 11am-6pm) Where: Salem Riverfront (200 Water St. NE – Salem, OR) Whats going on?: - Food, BEER, Live Music…DISC GOLF!! - The Bite and Brew has been around for a while setting up shop at the Riverfront every summer with the best food venues, beer venues and live entertainment. Thi ... more


Brady "Church" Reese    July 16 at 1:26am

**PLEASE READ-IMPORTANT & EXCITING NEWS!!** ATTENTION EVERYONE!! – I have officially opened up my own business and clothing line called “LOCALS ROUTE DISC GOLF” I will be selling anything from custom shirts to hats to Beer Mugs, and everything in between, plus much, much more. (I have a lot of fun ideas-more to come) I am very excited to get this going and be able to supply all of your disc golf needs!!! And even things you didn’t think you need but will want! ... more


Steve Moore    July 15 at 9:06pm

If there is anyone not playing the Auburn Amped Wide Open event Saturday and has camera/video setup and would like to help me shoot the days event, let me know and get you set up as volunteer with me for the day. Should be good day and have just learned that John McCray top rated professional will be joining in for the day. First time in Salem to try out a golf course concept, smaller then most but should still make for great day of disc golf.



Mike Wilson    July 4 at 3:03pm

Want to wish everyone a SAFE, FUN, & HAPPY 4th of July!! Enjoy your day!


Mike Wilson    June 18 at 11:15pm

-Wheatland DGC-
We will be working out at the course Thursday. Please if you have time come help us out! Starting about 11AM.


Steve Moore    June 18 at 10:09pm

Is anybody planning on being on course at Wheatland working tomorrow, Thursday and if so idea of time frame. Thanks all

Mike Wilson   June 18 at 11:03pm

Yes we will be there, mid morning'ish.

Steve Moore    June 18 at 5:39pm

*** Woodmansee Course Update *** Just back in from course walk thru with Parks Supervisor and assistant. We came to some verbal agreements for moment which will be turned into written agreements down the line after few more items worked out. I will be point of contact for now for this process of course maintenance agreement with Parks department. Short term this means beginning next week I will be allowed to begin doing some work, volunteers will need to contact me and get proper paperwork ... more

Jim Costello   June 23 at 11:27am

I can help out some. Let me know what you need. Surprised to see the course already got mowed!

Steve Moore   June 23 at 11:43am

Thanks for the offer Jim, will keep in mind as it all comes together. Hopefully my big plan is to get all our local courses taken care of by individuals and disc groups working together. One more meeting later this morning with Parks folk and I should then be able to start final cleaning and weed/grass removal as approved projects.

Steve Moore    June 16 at 12:25pm

Wondering about what else was able to be done on course yesterday after I left. What else is left to be done and what is game plan for this week to get it ready. Things that come to mind are sleeves, basket assembly/install, signage, indicator markers for walkouts, more weed whacking, and last but most important mowing plan for fairways. I can make some time available if plan in place. Thank you.


Steve Moore    June 15 at 5:49pm

**Wheatland Disc Golf course**
So after 6 hours of running my weed wacker last 2 days have been able to assist making dent in work still needed to finish up course for this weekend. The main (one of them) and most important thing left at moment is mowing 3-5 foot tall field fairways. If anyone has access to or knows anyone that could possibly assist us on this task please contact myself here, Jason Bruster, or Mike Wilson. I really hope someone can give us a big assist with this. Tractor mower is what is needed, lots of ground to cover,
Thank you in advance,


Mike Wilson    June 14 at 12:53am

So with the help of 11-12 people we knocked out the remaining 8 tee pads at Wheatland DGC!! Thanks to Jeff, Jason, Rafael, Matt, Lloyd, Chris, Jim, David, & the 2 new guys that I failed to introduce myself to or catch their names.

Still more to do before opening but the last big looming project is complete!!


Steve Moore    June 13 at 7:13pm

*** Woodmansee Course Update *** I was able to attend Salem Parks Board meeting last night and voiced my opinion on the course maintenance and was received well I believe. Today I received word from Parks Operation that I will be hearing from John Kleeman next week to arrange a walk thru of the course to discuss my issues and what can we do together to get and keep course in best possible playing condition into the future. I am sorry about the tall grass and other problems at this time b ... more

Steve Moore   June 16 at 7:06pm

Good news in, I will be having a on course meeting with Parks Supervisor on Wednesday to discuss issues and hopefully come to some long term resolutions for the course

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