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Josh Carroll    15 hours ago

**UPDATE** NATIONAL COLLEGIATE DISC GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS - DAY 1 After a long car ride through periodic rainstorms, the KSUDGC Nationals team arrived in North Augusta, SC shortly after 2:00pm. Players were greeted at the Hippodrome Disc Golf Complex by staff members where we picked up our excellent player's packs. These included a dry-fit NCDGC jersey, a prototype Innova G-Star Daedalus, a DGA Torrent, as well as vouchers for a commemorative NCDGC Pro Roc and lunch. A Hott Shots putting competit ... more

Mark Kewley   14 hours ago

Good luck guys! Can't wait to watch some action on the Internet.

Kevin Clouse   4 hours ago

Go get em guys! Happy u guys made it safely to Augusta!

Josh Carroll    March 31 at 8:42pm

If it hasn't already been made known, the results of the tryout rounds are finished. The members that will comprise the 2014 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships are:

AJ Cruz, Jacob Patchen, Travis Bailey, Josh Carroll, and David Moreno

Feel free to use this discussion thread as a means of communicating about any pre-departure planning that needs taken care of.


Josh Carroll    March 26 at 11:16pm

Here are a couple of interesting links regarding the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships:

This article was posted on DiscGolfPlanet.tv "2014 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships Expands Historic School Rivalries, Cultivates Others" - http://discgolfplanet.com/WP/2014-national-collegiate-disc-golf-championships-expands-historic-school-rivalries-cultivates-others/

And I got goosebumps watching this promo video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DfGo7TrUBo&feature=youtu.be

Travis Bailey   March 27 at 1:37am

But we're not even on the video... Haha

Josh Carroll   March 27 at 9:18am

Haha, I'm assuming it's just the 20 teams that are Bye Seeds and already secured in the Championship division. Still, gets me excited for the courses and the event itself.

Josh Carroll   March 27 at 9:22am

Or, it's just outdated and they didn't bother to fix the schools :P

Ian Waters    March 26 at 9:58pm

Hey invite Darian Thomas to the club. He is a sophomore at KSU and is interested in checking the club out.

Josh Carroll   March 26 at 10:59pm

I think he just needs to add K-State Disc Golf Club to his Favorites on here and then make sure that he clicks "Follow this discussion" on the Talk tab of our club page.

Ian Waters   March 27 at 7:43pm

Oh yeah, okay thanks

Josh Carroll    March 16 at 5:32pm

The Selection Sunday that really matters: http://www.ncdgc.com/apps/blog/show/41930228-selection-sunday

The last several teams have secured their spots at the National Championships. Here is a list of the 60 schools that comprise the Bye-Seed and 1st-Round-Seed divisons: http://www.ncdgc.com/teams.htm

Rick Petrie   March 16 at 7:36pm

Well played Josh. Good luck to the K-State Disc Golf Club!

Josh Carroll    March 6 at 9:58pm

Here are the links to the final t-shirt designs. Now accepting pre-orders for $15 a shirt.

T-Shirt 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0dgJ-mhNBbyODlpYnRLMmc2ZFk/edit?usp=sharing

T-Shirt 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0dgJ-mhNBbybkdfb1djbkVoMFU/edit?usp=sharing

Josh Carroll   March 6 at 9:59pm

Reminder: "T-Shirt 1" is the primary option assuming that the design is O.K. with Trademark & Licensing. "T-Shirt 2" is the second option if the first is not approved.

Travis Bailey   March 7 at 1:17pm

I see you posted multiple colors of inks and shirts, was that approved? If not, what are we aiming for? Purple with white ink?

Josh Carroll   March 7 at 1:25pm

Right, I posted multiple just in case. But if we're only allowed to get one fabric/one ink, it will be purple shirt with white ink.

Rick Petrie    February 28 at 8:38am

Good luck in Iowa this weekend. Hope you guys get qualified for Nationals!

(Be sure to keep an eye on the nasty weather & maybe leave extra early too... )


Josh Carroll    February 26 at 4:44pm

Just wanted to get some feedback for a potential fundraiser. There was a little bit of discussion at our last meeting about producing t-shirts that we could sell to help raise money for competition/travel expenses. Here's a quick design I put together. We can have these made by The Graphic Edge for $5.99 each ($7.49 for XXL+).


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Josh Carroll   March 4 at 12:03pm

Only half of the club chimed in. If we're going with #6, I'd like to make a couple of changes to the design. The wording is very similar to our competition jerseys which I was trying to stay away from in the initial designs.

Josh Carroll   March 4 at 4:11pm

I'm really liking this configuration: http://www.discgolfscene.com/media/207849_g.jpg

Jacob Patchen   March 4 at 6:30pm

I think I like the original 6 better. Also looking at them again, 3 is growing on me.

Josh Carroll    February 21 at 10:57pm

**AMES' COURSES** From Scott Carpenter: "Yep, I've played both of the Ames courses one time on the way up to Minnesota four years ago. Oh, there was a lot of mud on both of them. Carroll Marty - I'm kind of surprised this course is only rated 3.50, because I really liked it. I suppose what gets it dinged is its length, even from the "pro" tees. But IMO the wooded holes, transition holes, and elevation makes up for it. Something that you're going to see there that we don't have a lot of here ... more

Josh Carroll   February 21 at 10:59pm

He also provided some links some YouTube videos of the courses - Carroll Marty (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjwFsBZoDdo, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0D_UTzPkDFQ, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMjmyz5yqog) and Stable Run (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tvaElmRzRM)

Josh Carroll    February 14 at 10:32am

Disc Golf is once again in the top 1/4 for sport club point standings! Points are awarded to clubs for being highly active and organized (completing required paperwork on time, attending officer meetings, fundraising, traveling, hosting events). The point standings system is a factor in determining our annual SCC Budget Allocation.

We are currently sitting in 7th out of 29 total club teams with 190 points. Keep up the good work guys!


Josh Carroll    February 13 at 2:02pm


Please leave suggestions/ideas for a back-up plan for determining the team that will be competing in Ames, IA in the event that the snow/weather prevents the completion of tryout rounds.

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Travis Bailey   February 14 at 12:00am

not so much with bryce though.

A.J Cruz   February 14 at 12:31am

When and where are we going to vote? Obviously majority of us want to vote so I say we get started on that as soon as possible to make sure we can work around everyones schedule and get everyone at the meeting.

Jacob Patchen   February 15 at 12:09pm

We can try to have a meeting this Thursday. It seems like most of us are usually able to make it to those meetings.


Josh Carroll    January 24 at 1:33pm

Just a reminder, first group practice of the semester will be at Warner Park tomorrow (Saturday, January 25th) at 1:30pm. See you all there.


Josh Carroll    January 1 at 6:14pm

Got everybody's names and numbers organized and jersey sizes noted. Should be able to place the order within the week or beginning of next week. Any last minute changes, be sure to let me know.



Josh Carroll    December 25 at 11:07am

Merry Christmas to you guys! I appreciate each and every one of you and am proud to be apart of such a passionate team.

Josh Carroll   December 26 at 1:35am

Haha, thanks Mitch :P

Travis Bailey    December 20 at 11:36pm

Guys, continue to ask for sponsorship help. We are hundreds of dollars short for the next few upcoming tournaments. We desperately need support from family and friends!


Josh Carroll   December 20 at 11:43pm

Just to point out, however, the recogntion on jerseys is pretty much out of the question at this point. We got the $100 from Discs Unlimited so I told them that I'd put their logo on the backside. The "Bronze" level sponsorship of $25 would still be acceptable.

Travis Bailey   December 21 at 10:45am

Yep, but we could put some type of thank you to donators up on here and Facebook and all that jazz. Just because the recognition isn't there doesn't mean we shouldn't ask.

Josh Carroll   December 21 at 11:00am

Good point. Also, I received some contact information for another potential fundraiser. Travis Redeker sent us who to contact about working the concessions stand in Bramlage for a night.

Josh Carroll    December 20 at 3:35pm


Here is a link to The Graphic Edge website for performance shirts: http://thegraphicedge.com/catalog/garments.asp?i=256

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Mitchell Brenn   December 23 at 10:03pm

I deffinetly agree on being cheap. Just to make sure though, this is the only place we can order from?

Josh Carroll   December 24 at 12:17am

Not the only place. Just one of the first I had found that is reasonably priced and doesn't have a ridiculous minimum quantity. They also must be on this list of Licensees: http://www.k-state.edu/logos/lrg-current-licensees.pdf

Ben Nispel   December 27 at 6:48pm

Hey, I'll buy one!

Josh Carroll    December 13 at 4:48pm

Practice will be in the MAC Gym at the Rec again tomorrow, same time! I will also be bringing some samples for an official KSUDGC mark which will be showcased on our 2013-14 season jerseys. Bring your putters!


Josh Carroll    November 7 at 9:33am

Sorry for the late notice, but we will be meeting tonight, November 7 at 6:00pm in 401B Conference Room at Hale Library (4th Floor). See you all there!


Ian Waters    November 5 at 4:42pm

Vinyl Banner sale is on again! Unless we pay for faster shipping we wouldn't get it here in time for the tournament so maybe Thursday we could discuss having a banner and Josh you should bring a copy of the design you made up to the meeting. Here is the link to the deal. http://slickdeals.net/permadeal/105524/build-a-sign---3x6-personalized-vinyl-banner

Josh Carroll   November 8 at 1:24pm

I went ahead and jumped the gun on this deal, I called Build-A-Sign to make sure they were still offering the November special. I submitted the artwork and went ahead and paid for the banner myself. If the club likes it and wants to claim the banner for KSUDGC use, we can vote to have club funds r ... more