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Rich DeFalco   March 16 at 8:00pm

Spring Fling

Gentlemen, and Bucky, we talked about doing a High Flyers spring tourney. It was discussed during one of the road trips this weekend. Lets start kicking around dates. Some ideas have been thrown out. Lets keep this thing rolling.

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Jeffrey "Bucky" Rager   March 19 at 12:16pm

I want my bag tag back mofo

Eric Vandesteeg   March 25 at 7:55am

Someone was saying that April 19 for our spring tourney. I looked at this website that there already is a tourney on that day at youngs run.

Eric Vandesteeg   March 25 at 7:59am

I'm down for whenever. Want to go to lakeshore too one day.

Jeffrey "Bucky" Rager   February 20, 2014 at 8:07pm

the Hustler comes thru

T-Bart aka The Hustler came thru with bag tags. Thats pretty sweet. Gives us something to brag about week to week.

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Eric Vandesteeg   March 19 at 11:56am

Ice up son

Eric Vandesteeg   March 19 at 11:57am

Put the lotion in the ****in basket

Eric Vandesteeg   March 19 at 11:59am

Got a bird on 15