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Brian Barclay   March 27 at 3:01pm

April 6th 2014 Meet-up

2014 Tags for the 2014 Bag Tag Challenge will be here for the April 6th Meet-up. They are $8 and will be red this year. All proceeds go to the club so we can do stuff like this in the future. All players in the challenge need to be registered discgolfscene members prior to purchasing. All matches must be recorded to keep tag placement current. League and rules will be posted shortly. Bring questions and comments to the meeting if there are problems with the rules. This type of thing should run itself if everyone cooperates.

Andy Miller   March 31 at 12:39am

I will be returning from Columbus on the 6th. What time are you guys getting together? Like last year, I can't commit to anything for sure, but would still like to make a few events now and then.

Brian Barclay   March 31 at 9:06am

Planning on meeting at 10:00 probably just hang out until 10:30, sell tags at 10:30 anyone who's interested in playing for the lower numbered tag that day will get in on a round to start at about 10:45. Anyone else who doesn't want to compete for a lower numbered tag that day is welcome to purchase ... more

Brian Barclay   March 31 at 9:07am

For some reason the rules won't post in the "about" section of the leaue.

Brian Barclay   August 12 at 7:24pm

Leagues starting!!!

Just a reminder. We are holding an informal meeting tomorrow to go over League stuff for anyone interested. If you want to be in the League just send me a message with your email and I'll get you in the league roster. If you don't know your division we can figure that out tomorrow or one of the next Tuesdays before league.


Chris Coffman   July 1, 2012 at 1:25pm

Last Day of Leagues!

Because of certain events that had transpired the last two weeks of leagues, we had decided to extend the leagues an extra 2 weeks and allowed everyone in on the Ace Pool for free. Well everyone, it is now that last and final week for the season and we would like to see everybody out there! We have been calculating scores with handicaps as it stands Robby Scheckelhoff is currently in the lead with 37 pts. Nobody is to far behind. Oh and remember FREE Ace Pool.