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Joel Tamashiro   January 20 at 12:08am

2015 Season

We're looking to start this season up so we need to know who's interested, what tag you currently have, and if you have any ideas or input for the rules this year. One thing is for sure though, no handicaps!

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Joel Tamashiro   January 22 at 2:10pm

Thank you sir. Agreed, I think we're ditching the point system too because of everyone's schedule

Matt Hernandez   February 8 at 2:22pm

You know Im definitely in. Need to buy a tag. Ill bring the $ for the club fee and tag when we meet up to play a round next.

Joel Tamashiro   February 10 at 12:51pm

You get a dry fit polo and a towel with your league fee. What size shirt do you want?

Michael Redwine   March 7, 2013 at 10:07pm

Bag Tags, Handicaps and more...

HOW HANDICAPS ARE COMPUTED Players' previous five rounds are used to determine their handicaps. The formula used by the DGHSS is: Handicap = (Average of Last Five Rounds – Course Rating) x 80% Five rounds is the default. This value can be changed within the Disc Golf Handicap Scoring System. A new player who joins a league must play three rounds to establish a handicap. DETERMINING SESSION WINNERS – BAG TAG DISTRIBUTION Players are ranked each session based on their adju ... more