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Rick Petrie    February 8 at 6:26pm

I'm seeing no large out cry to "cancel" Sunday's league event... So it's Game On! See you tomorrow.

Mitchell Frederickson   February 8 at 8:21pm

What time is it again?

Rick Petrie   February 8 at 10:37pm

1:15 check-in. 1:30 start time.

Rick Petrie    February 7 at 5:42pm

Considering the widely varied snow depths (drifts) on the course, plus none of the Fairmont parking lots have been cleared, I PROPOSE we CANCEL this Sunday's regular league contest. I'm all for playing in some snow, but competing in these exact conditions could be very regrettable.

Nothing to do on the weekend without league? You could stop by Fairmont and dig out a couple tee pads... that way they don't get totally snow packed before the Ice Bowl & Ribbon Cutting event.

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Mark Kewley   February 8 at 11:29am

Are you proposing a change to the official rules then?

Mark Kewley   February 8 at 11:30am

"- League events may be canceled due to dangerous weather conditions. Cancellations will be based on Severe Weather Warnings issued by the National Weather Service. When in doubt, check the leagueu2019s main page as all pending cancelations will be posted there. "

Rick Petrie   February 8 at 12:06pm

I wasn't wanting to make any big "rule change". I was just curious if we should cancel due to this unusually large total. I suppose we should host league at the usual time & place, then let those in attendance determine how much of the course to play. That has worked in the past...

Rick Petrie    February 2 at 6:13pm


Who y'all got?

Rick Petrie   February 2 at 6:13pm

I'm thinking Broncos because so many people are "saying" the Seattle defense is so good. That seems too simple.

Adam Johnson   February 2 at 6:43pm

dont bet against peyton

Rick Petrie   February 2 at 9:06pm

Looks like I better stick to college football. Well at least the Chili Peppers were good.

Rick Petrie    February 1 at 12:36pm

Hello all league guys and gals! The Sunday league events will take place at the usual time & place, despite the snow & it being Super Bowl Sunday. Fresh snow is fun to play in, plus the Super Bowl kick-off isn't until 5:30pm...

Hope to see you there.


Rick Petrie    January 31 at 1:08pm

Anybody interested in helping rotate Warner baskets this afternoon between 4 & 5?

I know y'all want to play new placements...

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Rick Petrie   January 31 at 9:21pm

Shout out to Adam Johnson & Bill Pryor for volunteering to help move baskets... especially on such short notice.

Rick Petrie   January 31 at 9:22pm

No problem Adam. I got hung up at work a couple minutes...

Adam Johnson   January 31 at 9:26pm

Thanks for moving baskets rick

Rick Petrie    January 27 at 8:07pm


I just got registered for the LCM / DFOK event on Saturday Feb 22!


Mitchell Frederickson    January 20 at 6:54pm

I was checking out the oz disc golf tour and noticed that the Manhattan ice bowl is not listed. Our ice bowl is a food drive, correct? Should someone promote this on www.kansasdiscgolf.com

Rick Petrie   January 20 at 7:28pm

Ours was on the KDGA schedule last year. I think Kewley is going to contact Smitty or Maceman or someone with the KDGA gang to get it added... that way we can earn KDGA points, plus we might attract some out of town KDGA players...

Mitchell Frederickson   January 20 at 10:13pm

Sounds good!

Kevin RevKev Clark   January 21 at 12:36pm

I have tried more than once in the past to make contact with someone at the KDGA through their website. No one has ever responded or posted the information. Somehow Mark Kewley made contact with them last year and got the info posted. I don't know how he did it.

Rick Petrie    January 12 at 11:11pm

Thanks to all who came out to league today.

It might have been a muddy snowy mess, but still a good time (at least I thought so).


Ben Nispel    January 9 at 10:07am

Kanin and I are in route to manhattan. Who's up to throw a round today? We'll be playing all 3 courses!

Mitchell Frederickson   January 9 at 11:34am

let me know when you guys are shooting tuttle creek or warner. You can text me if you want. (260) 450-1761. Thanks!

Rick Petrie    January 4 at 9:58pm

Shout out to Kewley for being able to host out league events when I cannot (I've got one last Family X-Mas event tomorrow).

That's the teamwork & dedication we need to have league every single week this season.

http://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/2013_2014_DFOK_WINTER_Points_League http://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/2013_2014_DFOK_Bag_Tag_League


Ben Nispel    January 4 at 7:01pm

Kanin and I should be in town next Thursday the 9th if anyone would like to join us for a few rounds!


Josh Carroll    December 31 at 5:41pm

Is Glow League happening tonight? :P

Alan Fox   December 31 at 6:04pm

no not Tonight

Dustin Harrison    December 29 at 2:25pm

Tag 1 is up for grabs today in bag tag


Austin Cranston    December 26 at 7:57pm

Went out and played a snowy round at Fairmont today and forgot to pick up my white KC pro aviar on hole #2. It should be on the left side somewhere. It has my name and number on it and will probably turn up once the snows gone.

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Dustin Harrison   December 27 at 5:47pm


Mark Kewley   December 27 at 8:01pm

Alan, I know you love Katanas. I hope you use it at glow league :)

Alan Fox   December 28 at 2:22pm

Actually I lost my Blue Rainbow Stamp Flx Buzzz in the snow on hole 9 yesterday

Rick Petrie    December 22 at 10:00am

League is going to be fun today. Same time, same place as usual.

See you soon!


Rick Petrie    December 21 at 8:49am

Good morning everyone! I hope your holiday planning & travels are going well. Considering many of you will be seeing, and talking disc golf, with lots of friends & family in the coming weeks, I thought I'd mention the following. PLEASE RESERVE SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd ON YOUR CALENDAR. Help the Lutheran Campus Ministry at KSU raise money & food donations for the Flint Hills Bread Basket by participating in the 2013 LCM Ice Bowl. It's a fun way to help a good cause. Plus, be present for the off ... more

Rick Petrie   December 21 at 8:59am

In other words, while you're celebrating the holidays with your friends, siblings, cousins, parents, even that one crazy uncle... be sure to hit up all of them up about your ICE BOWL. They can play, donate, or just come hang out... on Saturday, Feb. 22nd.

nick samuelson   December 21 at 12:05pm

can't wait. do u happen to know how much registration fee will be?

Rick Petrie   December 22 at 9:54am

Nick, Those sort of details are not yet set, but to give you a general idea of how things might go here is a link to last year's event http://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/2013_LCM_Ice_Bowl

Dustin Harrison    December 17 at 1:03pm

Fairmont is looking great! Thanks to those that helped clean up the park


Rick Petrie    December 16 at 12:46am

For those of you who are curious, after today's event, we now have 31 participating in the 2013-2014 Bag Tag & Points Leagues. Looks like it's going to be another fun season...

It's not too late to join either. Come out to Fairmont Park on a Sunday afternoon (1:30ish) and we'll get you signed up.




nick samuelson    December 15 at 10:34pm

I want to put a big thanks out to all the people that cleaned up Fairmont. It was nice.


Rick Petrie    December 13 at 6:11pm

Look forward to seeing you guys at Fairmont tomorrow morning. Be sure to bring gloves & any hand tools you think would help... Sorry NO power tools. Will it be too cold? Not if your working... (Ha).

Rick Petrie   December 13 at 6:12pm

(Ooops. That should have read "... you're... ")