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Damen W    June 5 at 10:19pm

The Miltonvale TootleToss disc golf tournament is coming up on Saturday, July 12th. Check the forums on kdga.com next week for a poster and more information. The players pack will only be available to the first 40 ams to register and consists of some sweet handeye supply co. gear, including a disc. Added cash should be around $1000.00 this year. Make sure to mark it on your calendars!

Damen W   June 5 at 10:21pm

yeah...I meant kansasdiscgolf.com

Rick Petrie    June 5 at 7:36pm

Congratulations to this week's winners of Dynamic Discs gear at DFOK Events.

Logan Neises - Lucid Plastic Disc @ Tuttle Tuesday.
Kevin "RevKev" Clark - Lucid Plastic Disc @ Tuttle Tuesday.

Scott Collins - DD Tee Shirt @ Warner Wednesday
Mitch Brenn - DD Tee Shirt @ Warner Wednesday


Rick Petrie    June 4 at 1:34pm

Happy lunch hour to all, or at least those of you who are on your lunch hour.
Anyhoo... it would be nice to rotate baskets at tonight's Warner Wednesday league event. Please feel free to arrive a little & pitch in to help.


Mark Kewley    June 1 at 11:56am

Anyone interested in moving some baskets at Fairmont today?

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Rick Petrie   June 1 at 12:41pm

I'll be there for a while. I'd already planned an appointment there at 1pm so that's perfect.

Rick Petrie   June 1 at 12:43pm

well it's probably more like a "tour" of the course, then I can help after if you still need help.

Adam Johnson   June 1 at 12:55pm

I will be there

Travis Bailey    May 31 at 2:27pm

Lost a clear m3 hole eleven at Tuttle. Please return.


Alan Fox    May 31 at 9:33am

If you have Facebook add the new group I created. Its called the Manhattan Ks Disc Golf Trading. Used for local selling and trades as well as posting tourneys you know about to get others to know about them and get more involved

Rick Petrie   May 31 at 10:07am

Cool. I'll check it out later today.... Lord knows we've all got disc golf gear we want to sell/trade.

Alan Fox   May 31 at 2:22pm

that was my thoughts

Rick Petrie    May 31 at 9:01am

Looks like the new Lat bag is out. Who's going to be the first DFOKer to buy one of them?


(No. Not me, I just want to see one. )


scott collins    May 31 at 12:30am

Lost disc alert....green escape lost on #1 at Fairmont on the right side of the fairway.

A.J Cruz   May 31 at 4:41am

Yikes. That's gonna be a tough find...

Josh Carroll   May 31 at 12:32pm

I like the Nationals commentary reference AJ :P Happy hunting

Jon Tveite    May 30 at 11:39pm

I know this is ridiculously short notice, but I just decided to play in Lawrence tomorrow, so if anyone wants to ride along, give me a call or a text message (785-313-0345). I will probably leave around 7am.

Rick Petrie   May 31 at 12:12am

Sounds like a Fanatical decision! Sorry I'm too booked to make the same decision. Good luck over there. DFOK!

Rick Petrie    May 29 at 10:36pm

Congratulations to this week's Dynamic Discs gear at DFOK Events.
Grant Wisdom - Koozie & Judge Putter @ Tuttle Tuesday.
Rob Adams - Koozie @ Warner Wednesday
Shawn Samuelson - Judge Putter @ Warner Wednesday
Rob Belyea - Witness Driver @ DFOK May Meeting


Rick Petrie    May 23 at 1:54pm

Berto, Chris, Darian & Shaun,
I have your tags that you left behind at the Warner Wednesday league event.
I should be around town all weekend in case you want to get your tag back from me... for casual rounds...

If not, I you guys can pick them up at league on Wednesday night just like usual. No sweat.



Mitchell Frederickson    May 23 at 9:03am

Anyone want to do a tag challenge today? I have number 8!

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Mitchell Frederickson   May 23 at 10:42am

Around noon. Not sure on where. Any suggestions?

Robert Adams   May 23 at 10:46am

Sadly I'll have to be done around 1 or so, have fun guys!

Rick Petrie   May 23 at 1:58pm

Shaun, Just give me a heads up if you're involved in a tag swap (since yours is physically in the league equipment box right now). Thanks.

Mark Kewley    May 22 at 11:08pm

So, I'm guessing you will track your disc with GPS soon: http://www.pdga.com/announcements/revolutionary-spec-enhancement-discs

Alan Fox   May 22 at 11:22pm

Nah lol however I did find your break the chains disc you lost on Tuesday.

Mark Kewley   May 23 at 12:02am

Nice! If you go a little deeper there is an Orc out ther.

Alan Fox    May 21 at 11:18pm

A couple weaks ago I lost the disc I have had in my bag the longest on hole 6 at Warner in the trees its my Middle Finger disc if you find it or see someone else throwing it please return it to me. Also I had a baby blue star boss I left on hole 7 at tuttle on hole 15 less then 30 min later I went to go get it and was gone.

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Alan Fox   May 21 at 11:50pm

yeah every disc I find in the water or anywhere I call and then it really ticks me off when people just walk off with my stuff with no guilt what so ever

Dimond Cutter   May 22 at 9:26am

swayze, nice!!!

Steve S   July 26 at 4:29pm

Ive lost bout twenty disc so far in last few years.All marked with my name and number, Only two have been returned.

Rick Petrie    May 21 at 10:34pm

Great turn out tonight at Warner Wednesday's league. A total of 22 were in attendance, including 4 new participants!
Don't stay up tonight waiting for results as I'm not going to be able to get that done until tomorrow (at the earliest).
Good night all & see you again soon.


Mark Kewley    May 21 at 10:32pm

Who left the green water bottle with the DU sticker at Warner?

shaun chambers   May 21 at 10:53pm

my wife

Mark Kewley   May 22 at 11:17pm

I have it

shaun chambers   May 23 at 9:59am

thanks mark! assuming you will give it back:)

Travis Bailey    May 21 at 5:50pm

Lost a purple tursas on home right at Fairmont. Love to have it back...

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Travis Bailey   May 22 at 12:15am

wow. hole eight. Haha

Mark Kewley   May 22 at 10:47pm

Dang Travis!

Travis Bailey   May 23 at 2:06pm

English is hard sometimes...

Rick Petrie    May 18 at 7:43pm

Cool to see so many DFOKers at the Little Apple Open tournament today. Those of you heading "home" for the summer, have a good one. All you others, see ya soon.

Mark Kewley   May 18 at 8:50pm

And a pretty good chunck of the payouts went to DFOKers! Nice day to be out playing golf with old and new friends. Good to see Thad out there. Thanks for the mulch around the tees!

shaun chambers   May 18 at 10:21pm

i had a blast besides my suicide on the last hole...besides that agony, i had a really good time. alot of dfokers were throwing nice!

Darian Thomas    May 17 at 2:35pm

Anyone playing doubles that needs a partner?


Rick Petrie    May 17 at 10:35am

Anybody out there throwing GStar drivers? I assume that plastic makes any mold a little more flippy than their Champion or Star cousins. Thanks in advance for the feedback.

cory day   May 17 at 11:08am

I do a Destroyer and Krait and I love them in fact Mitch Frederickson went and bought some after throwing mine they're worth it

Dimond Cutter   May 17 at 12:39pm

my destroyer is on the flippy side but its 168. I'm going to try max weight b4 I give up on tbem