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Mark Kewley    August 16 at 7:47pm

Are you watching the live feed of the final 9?

Robert Belyea   August 16 at 9:39pm

mcbeast was crushing those putts under prrssure

scott collins    August 14 at 11:59am

I will be playing at Fairmont today at 3:30 if any one wants to join in the fun.

Jeremy LeCrone   August 14 at 1:56pm

I'm in.

Dave Lago   August 14 at 2:39pm

I'll probably be finishing up my first round, and starting my second out there about then.

Rick Petrie    August 6 at 1:30pm

Reminder: There is no scheduled DFOK league tonight (Wednesday).
The experimental league of the month for August is set for THURSDAY nights --> http://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/2014_DFOK_Tripples_League

Note: Plus, the usual DFOK Doubles will still be played on Tuesday nights.


Dave Lago    July 29 at 4:23pm

FOUND DISC! Hole #12 at Tuttle Creek River Pond. Tell me what it is and its yours. The weight is 172 and the name and number underneath belong to the original owner who traded it to whomever lost it.

Robert Adams   August 1 at 12:21pm

Blue Firebird?

Dave Lago   August 1 at 11:05pm


Robert Adams   August 2 at 4:40pm


Rick Petrie    July 20 at 2:07pm

I will soon be in the general area of Denver/Boulder/Estes, hoping to play a few of that area's best courses. Probably more the direction of Boulder & Estes.
If you've played out there, what have you played? Also, what are the TOP 3 (+/-) courses to play in that area?
Thanks in advance!

Josh Carroll   July 20 at 5:03pm

I've heard the YMCA of the Rockies course in Estes Park is a good one.

shaun chambers   July 20 at 11:54pm

ive played ymca of the rockies the views are awesome. ran into a group of elk

Damen W   July 21 at 9:01pm

if phantom falls is close I would go there

Rick Petrie    July 20 at 2:03pm

Whoa! When did they change the name of this tab from "Talk" to "Comments 2013" ?

Rick Petrie   July 20 at 2:04pm

Okay... apparently the "2013" was the total number of comments at that time. Interesting (kinda).

Mark Kewley   July 20 at 4:18pm

Mine says 2017 :)

Eric Weeden    July 20 at 4:17am

LOST DISC! Orange Claymore with trilogy challenge stamp. Hole 2 at Fairmont, left of fairway. Not yet labeled. If anyone finds it, please let me know.

Robert Belyea   July 20 at 10:19am

about how far down. going to play today, i will look.

Eric Weeden   July 20 at 3:22pm

about 1/2 to 2/3 through the tunnel

Mark Kewley    July 19 at 8:54am

Disc Golf Planet TV is showing old footage of GBO. Just saw Kevin Tulp playing in the group with McBeth & Ulibarri. Pretty cool! http://www.livestream.com/discgolfplanet

Mark Kewley   July 19 at 9:04am

Edit- they are switching between groups. Looks like McBeth is on the other card. But still, playing with the big dogs.

nick samuelson    July 17 at 8:57pm

The family and I are headed up to Omaha for the weekend. Any suggestions on courses in that area?

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Mark Kewley   July 17 at 10:52pm

I don't know what your planned route is but if you went through Beatrice and play Chautauqua: http://www.discgolfscene.com/courses/Chautauqua_Park You will have a blast. At least on the front 9. BTW. If you have not been to the Zoo before, it can take a full day or more to see it all. I want to go again!

Rick Petrie   July 18 at 7:59pm

Nick, That Hummel Park course you favorited sounds cool. Can't wait to hear your course reviews.

nick samuelson   July 19 at 8:29am

yes Rick it does and thanks for the help guys and I can't wait to play. won't get to play until Sunday cause Saturday is zoo day. hope the rain stays away!!

Rick Petrie    July 16 at 1:59pm

Want to play Long 13 at Fairmont tonight? (League or Casual?)
If so, please meet around 5:30 to help get it moved for the evening.


Damen W    July 13 at 7:56pm

congrats to alan for all his circle 3's on Saturday and for the ace on 15 at Miltonvale

Alan Fox   July 14 at 6:07pm


Rick Petrie    July 10 at 8:01pm

but if you've got singles disc golf on your mind for Saturday, you might want to head to Miltonvale, KS for this one.


Rick Petrie    July 10 at 7:34pm

I've got Sunflower State Games on the mind. The disc golf tournament part of it is this Saturday & Sunday...
Here's the nitty gritty on it. http://www.sunflowergames.com/disc-golf


Rick Petrie    July 8 at 11:26pm

FOUND DISC. Shiny new Red DX Leopard. Tell me where you lost it & it's yours.


Jacob Patchen    July 8 at 10:53pm


I lost a White Star Destroyer on hole 17 at Fairmont. I clipped a branch and it went somewhere into the farther half of the tree line. If anyone finds it and lets me know I'd appreciate it!

Rick Petrie   July 8 at 11:23pm

We'll keep my eyes open for it tomorrow during our "Worst Lie July" round...

Robert Belyea    July 8 at 1:46pm

Lost disc! I lost a brand new bolt over the fence on 3 at Fairmont. Its blue/green no name on it as I lost it on my first throw:( if anyone finds it is love it back. Thanks guys!

Rick Petrie   July 8 at 11:21pm

I'll be sure to look for it if I go On The Wildside of that fairway.

Rick Petrie    July 7 at 11:47pm

Special thanks for Jon Tveite for heading up this project / challenge. Thanks to everyone who attended tonight's meeting. Your presence does make an impact. No hard feelings for those of you who couldn't make it... there will be future opportunities for you. Regarding the results, (in my opinion) we made some progress, even though probably not as much as some had hoped. Nonetheless, we did make progress in making sure Disc Golf will be a subject this fall in strategic park planning. ... more


Robert Adams    July 5 at 7:23pm


Ok, well, not really lost, just forgot about it. White 171g KC Pro Roc on the south side (road side) of the creek on hole 17 at Tuttle. Forgot to pick it up, got home and remembered it. If anyone grabs it, I'd appreciate it!


Rick Petrie    July 1 at 9:39pm

Shout out to Adam Johnson Bryce VanAmeyden and William Norris for helping move some baskets at the Fairmont Park Disc Golf Course tonight.


nick samuelson    June 27, 2014 at 7:36pm

Fairmont anyone????? Me and bon are heading that way now???

Rick Petrie   June 29 at 7:47pm

Sorry I missed that. I was knee deep in a Chipotle bowl by then.