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Rick Petrie    September 23 at 1:47pm

FLINT HILLS OPEN Players List: If your name is NOT hyper-linked to your discgolfscene.com profile it is because I do not have your e-mail address.--------> What's the fix? Just message me your e-mail address & I'll get it linked/fixed.

Rick Petrie   September 23 at 1:48pm

By the way, You are not required to have your profile "linked" on the tourney page. However most players like to be.

Mark Kewley    September 18 at 1:44pm

Don't forget about the Big Game tonight: http://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/2014_DFOK_Super_Class_September
Last week of Super Class. Be there or be L7

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Jeremy LeCrone   September 23 at 8:10pm

Rick, we played a Monster round of 18 holes. It was Mark Kewley +10, Mitch Brenn +10, Jeremy LeCrone +13. And, I seem to recall that Mitch won the playoff...

Rick Petrie   September 23 at 8:48pm

Thanks... not sure you guys are going to want me to enter that because it will effect "regular" round scoring stats. Maybe I'll set-up a Superclass 18 course option, to go along with the Superclass 9. Hmmmmm.

Jeremy LeCrone   September 23 at 9:54pm

I mentioned to Mitch and Mark that we could just take the back 9 scores (Jeremy +3, Mitch +4, Mark +5, i believe...) and they, of course, agreed ;)

Rick Petrie    September 18 at 10:06am

Here's the info. Get registered.

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Josh Carroll   September 18 at 12:28pm

Ah, wasn't included in the flyer, but I see that Advanced is listed as an option on the registration page.

Rick Petrie   September 18 at 12:28pm

Discs Unlimited is deciding all of that sort of stuff... they just made some changes, so I think I've got it updated.

Rick Petrie   September 18 at 12:29pm

... In other words, I think they missed Advanced, but have it in there now.

Rick Petrie    September 16 at 8:15pm

LOST DISC: Lime Green Blizzard, with Ice Bowl stamp, thrown barely over The Wildside of the fence on #3 at Fairmont.


Rick Petrie    September 12 at 9:05am

It's official, the first annual FLINT HILLS OPEN (FHO) is scheduled for Saturday, October 18th, at the Fairmont Park Disc Golf Course in Manhattan, KS.
Details will be released very soon.
Are you going to go to the FHO?
#FHO #2014FHO #GoToTheFHO


Rick Petrie    September 10 at 6:11pm

Hope everyone still has OCTOBER 18th locked down on their schedule. It's going to be a good day to play disc golf at Fairmont.


Rick Petrie    September 4 at 7:59am

‪#‎ThrowbackThursday‬ = Superclass September. Fairmont Park, 5:30 check-in, 5:45 tee time.
Hope to see you there.


Rick Petrie    September 2 at 1:50pm

Are you available today between 4:00 & 5:00 to help swap around baskets at Warner? If so, hit me up here before 4:00.
It only takes about 30 minutes, then you're there ready to play pin placements you haven't played in a while.

Justin Neeley   September 2 at 2:07pm

I can be there around 4:30 Rick. If you need it

Rick Petrie   September 2 at 3:04pm

Perfect. See you then.

Mark Kewley    September 1 at 7:50pm

Update from Daisuke:

" Date: Wednesday, September 3rd
Time: 6:00pm
Place: Bluestem Bistro in Aggieville
Agenda: Tuttle new baskets and course improvement (update of fundraising status, cost estimation, and tee-signs)

Meeting agenda is written above, but main purpose is to get the ball rolling by everyone who is interested in and move this project forward. Please leave a comment if you can attend. We may need to change the place if there will be more people than I expect.

Looking forward to seeing you there. "

Rick Petrie   September 1 at 8:15pm

Where is the Like button? Ha!

Mark Kewley    August 31 at 8:17pm

Daisuke is not on Disc Golf Scene anymore. He wanted me to pass along this information:

"Planning a meeting for Tuttle new baskets and course improvement on Wednesday, Sep. 3rd at 5:30 or 6:00pm (place TBD). I'd like to update fundraising status, discuss cost estimation (Thanks Rick Petrie for letting me use his project worksheet) and tee-signs (design and construction) if time allows. If you’re interested in and/or have any ideas (especially for tee-signs), set your discs aside for 1-2 hours and feel free to join us to improve the course in top notch shape.

Have a nice weekend."


Mark Kewley    August 31 at 6:41pm

I found an Innova golf disc at Fairmont Park today.

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Mark Kewley   September 1 at 9:34am

What does the Wraith look like Alan?

Shad Schafer   September 2 at 10:32am

is it a orange champion destroyer factory second?

Mark Kewley   September 2 at 9:39pm

It is a Wraith, Shad.

A.J Cruz    August 27 at 11:58pm

I found keys at Fairmont. If anyone is missing them, hit me up

Rick Petrie   August 28 at 1:41pm

If there's a key tag from a store like Dillon's, Best Buy, etc. attached you might take it to one of the stores... then they can contact the owner. At least Dillon's used to offer that service.

Rick Petrie    August 27 at 9:59pm

Found Disc: Latitude 64 Fuse. Tell me what color and what course, then we can work out your "re-union".


Adam Johnson    August 22 at 8:45pm

Tomorrow at 9 am there will be a swap meet followed by a round. For the round it will be put in a disc for entry and the low score gets first pick

Rick Petrie   August 22 at 10:03pm

I'll be there. I've got bags, discs, shirts, sunglasses, mini's, heck even a DG towel... for the swap meet. Early Bird Gets The Worm(s).

Rick Petrie    August 22 at 6:34pm

Tyler Lett, I've got your Omega putter. Hit me up to get it back.


Rick Petrie    August 22 at 8:45am

If we had a "DFOK Member of the Month" award, I would nominate Rob Belyea's son.
He was at league last night to watch his dear 'ol dad play. While following our group around he was picking up trash... nobody told him to do it, he just knew it was the right thing to do. Gotta keep our courses clean.
How awesome is that?

Robert Belyea   August 22 at 8:22pm

thanks means alot to him rick

Rick Petrie    August 21 at 5:09pm

Want to see some of the pin placements moved at Fairmont?
We'll be moving as many as we can before league tonight. . . If you're available, please pitch in and help. We'll start moving them around 4:45.


Rick Petrie    August 20 at 10:03pm

For those of you who need to plan your weekends way way in advance, you might want to keep SATURDAY OCTOBER 18th open.
Our friends at Discs Unlimited will be hosting a tournament at Fairmont Park... it is part of the KDGA OZ Tour, so there should be a pretty big (statewide) turnout. May be the biggest tournament Fairmont has ever seen.


Amber J    August 18 at 12:02pm

Lost DISCS! It hasn't been a kind summer, disc-wise. Between Eric and myself, we've lost the following in the following locations around here (we won't talk about what we lost in Hays here!): Tuttle #13: Still missing: About 15-20' past the fishing platform, maybe 10' from shore somewhere is my light blue Starlite Valkyrie. Should have my name/number on it. Joining it this past weekend is my white Cobra DX - if you walk along the edge toward the basket from the ... more


Jacob Patchen    August 17 at 6:28pm

Lost a white kc Aviar on hole 2 at fairmont. I'd love to have it back!

Alan Fox   August 17 at 6:35pm

I have one of ur predators u lost in the water on 13 just been waiting to see you to get it back to you

A.J Cruz   August 17 at 8:45pm

Left side of fairway I might add