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Rick Petrie    10 hours ago

I don't know about you guys, but I had a blast playing the ACE RUN League tonight. Just letting em rip is so much fun. What a great way to blow of some steam.

Jeremy, Well done with the layout & admin duties. Ben, Nice Ace Run League night win.

Mark Kewley   9 hours ago

Thanks Jeremy.

Jeremy LeCrone   8 hours ago

Thanks for coming out guys. Next week ACE RUN league again!!! New layout, and all new opportunities to smoke those chains!!

Rick Petrie    2 days ago

Putting together my Ace Run League disc golf bag. So many duplicates that it's starting to look like Noah's Ark.


Rick Petrie    3 days ago

Did Discs Unlimited sell out of the M-Color (full color) FHO Tournament stamp discs before you had a chance to scoop one up?

They are thinking about getting a few more made so now's your chance. The options will be Sirius Quasar, Standard Astra & Aurora MS.

Call them at (785) 258-2494 by the end business hours on Friday to place your order.



Rick Petrie    3 days ago

Don't forget, there's still two more DFOK Experimental League events... coming up fast.

This Thursday & next Thursday, Oct. 23rd & 30th.

Details soon coming soon.


Rick Petrie    5 days ago


Great job everyone. I think we did ourselves proud today co-hosting the Flint Hills Open.

I enjoyed spending my day with ALL of you!

Robert Belyea   5 days ago

ty rick...we all really appreciate what youve done for dfok. your positive roll model for the club. i believe that rubs of on people. yes it turned out awsome!

Rick Petrie    7 days ago

We still need someone to volunteer one tournament quality basket (all metal) for a temp. hole at tomorrow's Flint Hills Open.

Players, it might be your high stakes tournament ace in jeopardy... If you've got one you can bring, please RSVP here so we know for sure.



Rick Petrie    October 10 at 8:47am

The Flint Hills Open Registration page ---> http://discsunlimited.net/tournaments/flint-hills-open-information/flint-hills-open


Rick Petrie    October 9 at 7:48am

Get registered for the Flint Hills Open set for Saturday, October 18th at the Fairmont Park Disc Golf Course.

Registration Page --> http://discsunlimited.net/tournaments/flint-hills-open-information

Pre-Registered Players List --> http://discsunlimited.net/tournaments/flint-hills-open-registered-players


Mark Kewley    October 7 at 10:33pm

Looking for a few people to help move baskets between rounds at the Flint Hills Open. If we get a couple of groups it will go fast.

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Shad Schafer   October 8 at 3:35pm

I can help Mark

Shad Schafer   October 8 at 3:36pm

I could help move baskets early to but it would have to be Thursday before league. all tied up tonight

Mark Kewley   October 8 at 10:19pm

Cool, I call Shad for my basket moving team at the FHO.

William McKnight    October 7 at 9:40pm

I have to say DFOK I am impressed with your courses. I like the expansion at Fairmont, I played Tuttle today for a casual round and ran into some of the members during their doubles league. Very nice course and you guys rock, very nice people. I lost a disc on 13 in the lake, (white dynamic enforcer misprint name and number on it) and two groups offered to help. Haven't had that happen in a while. Both groups told me everyone is very good at calling or posting on here, that's refreshing to know ... more

Robert Belyea   October 7 at 10:04pm

thank you!.....even though i wasnt there i am a member. its really nice to get the feedback. i also love this club. helpfull respectfull members(most of the time lol:) ive personally seen members go out of there way to help newcomers. from day one they made me feel like part of our disfunctional fam ... more

William McKnight   October 7 at 11:16pm

thanks....yeah I've been part of a club in the past in another town, won't say the name because I dont want to bad mouth them. they are great people and the club has been under a new leadership for awhile now and they are getting back to there glory. but yes I felt at home tonight even though I didnt participate in the league.

Rick Petrie    October 2 at 8:24am

DFOK "Cali Rules" disc golf round tonight.

5:30 sharp Tee Time because of diminishing daylight.



Rick Petrie    September 30 at 8:35am

NOTE: Discs Unlimited has decided to include a shirt in the Flint Hills Open players pack for the Pros. Thus all of the first 50 registered players will receive a shirt.

They are currently working on a revised tournament poster.


Robert Belyea    September 28 at 11:40am

Hey guys my wife had a idea and just want some thoughts about it. She was thinking that maybe the spouses could get together sometimes while we play. Disc golf isn't her thing but she is supportive of my addiction:).....so why not get them together for a even bigger support system and grow our dysfunctional family lol. What yall think?


Ben Nispel    September 25 at 5:41pm

I'll be at the swap meet Sunday, if there's any interest I'll bring a few travel bins of discs. I've got plenty of unique stamped, protostar and first run stuff. Let me know if you need anything in particular and I'll bring it! Looking forward to playing with you guys again! http://s70.photobucket.com/user/Tenacious_Ben/media/Disc%20golf/9775754B-19EB-4D5C-A7EA-2D876FAEE415_zpsyiie3akv.jpg.html http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i92/Tenacious_Ben/Disc%20golf/930FE421-7D56-419F-9DA1-5001FB716B51_z ... more

Rick Petrie   September 25 at 10:44pm

How much for the Bose speakers? - - - - just kidding.

Rick Petrie    September 25 at 8:12am

Meeting reminder: Tonight is the Monthly DFOK Meeting.



Rick Petrie    September 25 at 8:10am

Throw back Thursday... It seems like 10 years ago.



Mark Kewley    September 24 at 9:02pm

Anyone want to help move a couple of baskets between 5:00 - 5:45 tomorrow at Fairmont?

Justin Neeley   September 24 at 9:05pm

I can Mark.

Ben Nispel    September 24 at 3:58pm

I'll be in town Sunday, gonna try to play all 3 courses while I'm in town. Let me know if you'd like to throw a round!


Rick Petrie    September 23 at 1:47pm

FLINT HILLS OPEN Players List: If your name is NOT hyper-linked to your discgolfscene.com profile it is because I do not have your e-mail address.--------> What's the fix? Just message me your e-mail address & I'll get it linked/fixed.

Rick Petrie   September 23 at 1:48pm

By the way, You are not required to have your profile "linked" on the tourney page. However most players like to be.

Mark Kewley    September 18 at 1:44pm

Don't forget about the Big Game tonight: http://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/2014_DFOK_Super_Class_September

Last week of Super Class. Be there or be L7

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Jeremy LeCrone   September 23 at 8:10pm

Rick, we played a Monster round of 18 holes. It was Mark Kewley +10, Mitch Brenn +10, Jeremy LeCrone +13. And, I seem to recall that Mitch won the playoff...

Rick Petrie   September 23 at 8:48pm

Thanks... not sure you guys are going to want me to enter that because it will effect "regular" round scoring stats. Maybe I'll set-up a Superclass 18 course option, to go along with the Superclass 9. Hmmmmm.

Jeremy LeCrone   September 23 at 9:54pm

I mentioned to Mitch and Mark that we could just take the back 9 scores (Jeremy +3, Mitch +4, Mark +5, i believe...) and they, of course, agreed ;)