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Barry "B" Bolliger    January 18 at 12:27pm

hey if anybody's interested in doing Saturday singles I can run it for Scottish I just noticed that he was not able to do it can't be there till 1030 though

THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   January 18 at 3:12pm

I ran it today, What date?

ROGUE RIDER    January 17 at 11:58pm

DGLA: Oregon <– O –> Michigan Disc Swap DGLA expanded the Statewide Cooperative Point Series to Oregon and Ohio this winter and already the expanded player cooperation has yielded new ideas. ROGUE RIDER (Lee) from Oregon sent me an idea to swap a few Michigan Event or Club stamped discs for some Oregon discs to help spice up their CTP and award disc selection. Pretty cool idea. With a little more cooperation, Lee and I have expanded this idea to help all the interested clubs and ... more

ROGUE RIDER   January 17 at 11:58pm


Mike Wilson    January 13 at 10:39pm

It's a new year but the old work isn't finished yet!

Jan. 26th come out between 12-4pm and help us get even closer to finishing clearing out the final fairway out at Wheatland DGC!!!

Bring the appropriate clothing to get some work done.

Stay tuned we will post more later.

Mike Wilson   January 14 at 7:50pm

Even if you can only show up for an hour, please do!! All help appreciated!!

Matt Bressler   January 15 at 2:17pm

I sure will try. Got my state parks pass so thats a plus!

Billy Gaskill    January 11 at 9:13pm

Wdgc Sunday Dubs. 11am tomorrow.

@ Willamette this week = easy $100 aces!

Mike Key running it for me.

Wish I could make it.

Have fun guys!



THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS    January 11 at 3:53pm

It was s windy day at Cascades today for CCDG Saturday Singles. Not my best round to say the least.


Mike Wilson    January 7 at 9:37pm





Dallas Trower    January 6 at 9:36am

Oh yes gonna bring in the new year with something crazy. 4 headed monster at Dallas city park. what is that you say? well its like a 3 headed monster but with a 4th. so this is gonna be a 20 hole layout. normal 18 with some twists and 2 added temp holes. so your still wondering what this 4headed monster is??? well its simple. each player has to use 5 of their drives. once a player has used all 5 of their drives they are no longer allowed to drive but can continue to putt and approach. so you ste ... more


Steve Moore    December 29 at 7:23pm

Just getting back from Adair and good fun round. Also with big thanks out to Lee for driving and trailer we were able to pick up the two framed tee pads that we knew were for us. I had pleasant surprise 1/2 way or so thru my round when Jay Sexton met up with me to inform me we could also have 4 rolled up rubber pads and stakes to go with. This was a very pleasant surprise and we now have 6 rubber pads for CanyonView course till permanent ones get in. Big shout out to Willamette DGC, Lee for ... more


Billy Gaskill    December 28 at 7:54pm


It should be great tomorrow! Some of our Salem homies are going to be coming down!

I'm going to try to make it over from work.

It'll be run by Mike Gibson. Uphill/downhill (Pro/Am) style.

$4 buy in plus options of up to (2) $1 mulligans and $1 ace pot.

Ace pot is $100 (can hit several for more $$$, Jerah style!)

There will be at least 1 CTP, maybe more if I make it out.

Hope to see you all out there!



Steve Moore    December 25 at 5:02pm

We will be going down to Adair this Sunday to join them for doubles and to pick up 2 of the framed tee pads being donated to Canyonview Camp course. Thanks to Lee for trailer and rig to pull it. Doubles start at 11:00. Anyone that wants to is welcome to join us for some rounds and loading pads on trailer.

Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays



Steve Moore    December 24 at 4:02pm

Hope that all are having a safe and happy holiday's to end one year and start another.

A classic song for the holiday

and another great classic for the old and young

See you all on course sometime


Phil Wright   December 24 at 4:16pm

Right back at ya man!

Steve Moore    December 23 at 8:30pm

Happy holidays to all this fine season. I am putting another call out to any and all folks with either graphic arts experience or wanting to help with future projects over the up coming years. Also looking for input to web site I am developing and publishing to the public soon. Got a good start going, looking for other opinions as to what the people would like to see presented on a site.

Reach me here if interested. Thanks in advance, just want to see our sport grow and improve for all.



Steve Moore    December 18 at 8:29pm

I'd like to put a call of assistance to a project I am involved with. I have permission and am trying to find a way to move 2 of the old framed Adair tee pads to Canyonview Camp in Silverton. They are large and heavy and would mostly require trailer or flatbed setup. Also very heavy since 1 large framed piece, would require 3-4 healthy bodies to load and unload. Hope we figure out as a disc golf community how to get this project done. Thank you in advance.


Dave C   December 19 at 2:47am

I would be glad to help loading and unloading. would need a ride or be picked up. You can txt me @ 9712180603 txt

Billy Gaskill    December 17 at 11:50am

10 am dubs @ bryant. meeting @ hole 9 parking.

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Billy Gaskill   December 18 at 11:26am

you got A time machine? yesterday.

Billy Gaskill   December 18 at 11:32am

Jason made it down! which reminds me, we need to put together a big "Tee Pad" dubs to celebrate the new pads at Adair.

Billy Gaskill   December 18 at 11:32am

I'll start working on it.

Rick Saffeels    December 11 at 12:53am

Regarding Psycho Santa: HELLO EVERYONE! I am letting you know that if you are staying in a cabin, check in is at 3:00pm-7:00pm. Heaters are in every cabin. Please comment below if you are still wanting a cabin. Yes it's $5 per person up to $20 per family :) Glow round will start at 7:00pm for anyone interested (Need at least 4 to make it worth it for glow)


Barry "B" Bolliger    December 6 at 9:21pm

Thank you City of Salem Park and Recreation for loaning CCDG a basket for hole 9. I got it installed today, course is 18 holes again.

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ROGUE RIDER   December 7 at 5:54pm

although ive made attempts to extend the olive branch and put the past behind us you still post slander about me that is total BS!

Barry "B" Bolliger   December 7 at 7:33pm

I also like the idea of the barrel lock, checked them out and sent an email to that link thanks Steve Morre. All though just bought new locks

Steve Moore   December 7 at 8:37pm

Thanks for taking time to pursue the barrel style lock, that was just one site to show idea. Mentioned it some time ago in the past but no one seemed interested then. I know they just bought new locks, to bad. Let me know if can help with project, may need to modify to make work, did not actually ... more

Steve Moore    December 4 at 8:50pm

From Rick Saffeels concerning Attack of Yeti IceBowl

Just Found out that we NEED our registration in by December 8th. If not, they may not have the items on hand.

If we don't have 15 signed up before that, we may not be able to get the order in time. Let me know of people that are interested even if you are paying day of. We need at least 15 by December 8th confirmed. Thanks!

Dallas Trower   December 5 at 1:23am

Dallas Trower. status pro please.

Steve Jones   December 5 at 1:13pm

count me in

Barry "B" Bolliger    December 2 at 4:23pm

Unfortunately basket 9 at Cascade Gateway was stolen. I think it was sometime Friday night, if anyone has any information on this Please comment here or call Salem P.D. Case #13-48010. Basket 8 is in long, and basket 10 is in long. I am working on getting another basket for 9, sorry for the inconvenience. "B"

- scottishrob -   December 2 at 9:46pm

Thanks Barry, don't worry funds will be approved for the replacement basket.

Barry "B" Bolliger   December 4 at 2:09pm

Good news, the city of salem park and recreation has lent ccdg a basket to be installed on hole 9 at cascade.I should have it in by friday.

- scottishrob -   December 4 at 3:39pm

Very cool.

Steve Moore    November 30 at 8:40pm

If folks's are interested and looking to give back to our sport we at PacWest Disc Golf will be having work party at new course at Wheatland from 1-5. Will be working on clearing out another fairway to advance toward the completion of this fine new course. Be good to see any and all in our sport there, as you will most likely end up playing there.

Thank you, Steve