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Steve Moore    April 16 at 10:24pm

Testing out my remote camera and protection device for it at the Hawgfarm.

Hope to give it more actual field testing this weekend at LSO at Camp Taloali



Steven Winslow    April 14 at 7:49pm

Baskets 2 & 7 from Camp Taloali are at the shop for repair. Estimated return is Thursday morning. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Kayla Johnson    April 13 at 3:42pm

Anyone who is available: We're burning the wood pile out at Taloali at 1pm today! Any help would be much appreciated. Bring a shovel if you've got one!


Dallas Trower    April 13 at 11:32am

Dave heiders today at 11. 350$ ace pot needs to get hit. 2 rounds to cash it.


Steven Winslow    April 12 at 11:20pm

Baskets 2 and 7 at Camp Taloali are going to be removed for repair on Monday, 14 April 2014. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes anyone. The repair should only take a day or two, once they've been replaced we'll let everyone know.


Steven Winslow    April 12 at 9:24pm

Jerry Miller DGC @ Camp Taloali is back in tournament layout for Liquid Sunshine Open. We decided to go with the par 56 layout, holes 5 & 11 are in the par 4 settings.

1 B Long

2 B Long

3 A Short Left

4 B Short Right

5 B Long Right

6 B Short Left

7 B Long Left

8 B Long Right

9 B Long

10 Normal

11 B Long Left

12 B Long Left

13 B Long Left

14 A Short Right

15 B Long Right

16 B Long Left

17 Normal

18 B Long Right


Steven Winslow    April 11 at 12:15am

With Liquid Sunshine Open 2014 taking place, Camp Taloali will be closed for play 19 & 20 April 2014. Please feel free to come observe the tournament, among the participants will be PDGA top 3 rated professional, Nikko Locastro, Prodigy Protégé Michelle Nava, and 70 other fantastic disc golfers competing in Capital City Disc Golf's first B-Tier disc golf tournament.

Nathan B   April 14 at 10:39am

Awesome, have fun on the course that we built! Look forward to seeing you guys play this weekend as I cannot play, family first... Please respect the three new drying alt pin placements on 6, 13, 17. I have asked steven to move the baskets to those pin placements after the tournament...

Dave C    April 10 at 3:20pm

Anyone for a round at Woodmasse? 1pm. Hopefully someone besides me has today off.


Dallas Trower    April 10 at 2:07pm

This Friday will be random dubs with a few twists. A couple of unexpected mandos maybe?? Hmm who knows. Be there around 445 So we can start by 5. Normal 5 dollar buy in with 1 dollar optional ace pot. Tell all yo friends to tell all they friends to come play some random dubs Friday at Dallas


Steve Moore    April 9 at 4:06pm

Camp Taloali Update: For anyone that does not already have plans for this Saturday, fresh from Nate Boyes about getting some work done on course. He will be down for a visit and work. "We be there by 9 Saturday. Goal is to work on signs, some alt pin moving and installation and maybe do 2 more teepads. Want clear the alley fairway on 17. Moving 17a to new farther placement. Bring everything. We will need cement and water of course. Todd focusing on signs, I focus on alt pins. Then 2 teepa ... more


Steven Winslow    April 8 at 11:56am

LSO has depleted it's MPO and MPM waitlist. We need 1 or 2 more players for those divisions. If you're interested please make an entry on the LSO waitlist @ as soon as you can!


Nathen Eyman    April 5 at 12:37pm

BLUE LAKE APRIL 13TH ON SUNDAY PRE REGISTER NOW Tee off 8am 15 bucks per player so 45 a team 2 rounds of 18 optional 2 dollar extreme ctp throw which allows the player 2 throws and the player that is ctp wins extreme ctp money pot 2 dollar ace pot (optional) Ctp on 2 holes Everyone meets at hole one after there first round for lunch 100 percent payouts Random draw with numbers out of a jar/hat Should be fun PLEASE CALL O ... more


bryan van fleet    April 4 at 2:43pm

Playing glow round Tonite at woods about 9 can bet some won't be betting but if want to show up first glo round .

I should be posting at least once a week where we going and playing . hope to see anybody there


Steven Winslow    April 1 at 8:59pm

We're still looking for 1 FA1 Female Advanced and 2 FA2 Female Intermediate players for Liquid Sunshine Open! Spread the word!


Rick Saffeels    March 26 at 6:45pm

A United Forum Page for Oregon Disc Golfers. If you want to see what else is going on :)


Mike Wilson    March 21 at 4:52pm

There will be a bucket at Tiger Discs if you would like to donate any money to help us pay for the cost of the repairs for the 2 baskets that were vandalized out at Keizer Rapids. I will do my best to get it out there tonight. But if not it will be there when Roger opens the shop on Saturday.

Mike Wilson   March 21 at 7:56pm

It's at Tiger Discs now.

Nathan B    March 20 at 7:05pm

I'm thinking of doing the 5th Annual tournament on June 7-8 weekend at Taloali... Any conflicts? Email me [email redacted] as I wont check this in like a year :)


Dallas Trower    March 18 at 2:11pm

Sunday March 23rd Super random Doubles at Dallas city park! The name says it all. super random doubles. gonna have 2 divisions. general and advanced. everyone will randomly get teamed up. ill write names down and put into a hat as people buy in or do card draw. either way it will be 100% random. the best part of this tourney is there will be ZERO O.B. yes that's right no O.B. at all. gonna be 27 holes played consecutively. so your gonna play the full normal 18 holes on the course and then just ... more


Java Joe    March 16 at 1:08am

Good job on the t pads I wish I could have been there.


Steve Moore    March 15 at 6:28pm

Great day news flash... I would like to take the time to put a BIG thanks out to Steve Winslow and his group of helpers to accomplish the pouring of final 14 tee pads at Camp Taloali. Also thanks out to Americorp helpers that also participated in this project. I don't know all involved but do know that Steve Winslow and Scottish Rob will have a vacation to remember, thanks guys. Pictures on my profile for those interested ... more

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Steve Moore   March 15 at 10:50pm

Possibly Trisodium phosphate to clean them with?? Would be my best guess at this time.

Nathan B   March 20 at 6:51pm

Nothing will beat Taloali... :) Thank you to everyone to put in the work... I'm glad that part got done... Now I can move on to the next part... please email me [email redacted] who the current board at capital city disc golf is since they had $1500 of money put aside for this project and I would like to see If I can move on to the Alt pin project I wanted to do after tpads were done...

Steven Winslow   March 20 at 11:01pm

Nathan B - board members are listed @ there also wasn't $1500 for Taloali, and the entire fund was used. I'm fairly certain basket replacement/repair will be prioritized for 2 and 7 over alt pin placements. But you should double check with board members to be sure.