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Steve Moore    April 30 at 5:38pm

Shave strokes off your game by hitting more of those long putts. Welcome to come visit Hawg Farm Disc Putting Range and work on those long putts up to 60 feet. Catch net behind basket for those fast putts. Also driving net to help the arm up for those big drives. Give a holler if want to visit and we will get time worked out. Distance lines 10' interval with 10 meter arc marked for putt jumping. Evenings are nice now and lights if needed.


Brad Rich   May 3 at 4:04pm


Steve Moore   May 3 at 4:56pm

Brad, and others. Let me know if you want to come visit, south end of lancaster area in salem

Brad Rich    April 29 at 10:37pm

If anyone finds a fly dyed eagle around hole 12 at Dallas with brad rich 48826 on it I'll pay you $20 to return it. Thanks


Steve Moore    April 28 at 8:49pm

I'm currently planning on being at Woodmansee by 3 if not earlier to shoot some video experiments and such. Should be nice day of weather if anyone can or wants to join me. If my car (red saturn) there I;m on course somewhere.


Dave C   April 29 at 1:22am

I have to be to work at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon Tuesday. I can do in the AM hours if you would like

Steve Moore   April 29 at 10:38am

dave, thanks for offer and maybe another time. Still plan on being there this afternoon

Steve Moore    April 27 at 8:54pm

Looking to do some more testing of video setup and looking for some volunteers this week. Depending on who is interested we can set date/time/location. Want to experiment with different types of shots and looking for some folks to toss some discs for me. Also if interested in future editing or shooting video let me know please. Looking for volunteers with or without experience as this is new to me for the most part. I can set up editing software as required. Thanks, Steve


Justin Holton    April 24 at 1:31pm

is anyone going to the beaver state fling this weekend? if so does anyone have an extra seat avalible for the trip?


Steve Moore    April 21 at 3:39pm

I believe this should link to round 3 lead card video. It is not edited, just pieces put into one file for the moment. Will be working on some better edited stuff shortly. If anyone interested in obtaining any footage I have let me know.

Thanks all for putting up with my amateur attempts at this, all new to me this video stuff.

Steve Moore

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Brady "Church" Reese   April 21 at 7:12pm

Footage looks good Steveu2026FYIu2026nobody is interested in footage of everyone's formu2026in other words, on the drive, we wana see the disc in the air goin towards the basketu2026if anyone happened to ace, we wouldnu2019t have even seen itu2026 Just food for thought for future filmingu2026keep up the good work.

Steve Moore   April 21 at 7:31pm

Thanks for the input Brady, always willing to take ideas and even use some of them. I'm hoping to expand my knowledge and abilities as time goes on. I have more testing of type of shots I can get with using my newly designed camera protection device. Set it behind baskets and hopefully get shot downfairway of disc coming in. More to come in future, gotta start somewhere.

Brandon Zastoupil   April 22 at 11:42am

If you had a clamp set up you could probably attach it to the tee posts looking out at the shot, great job I loved being ale to watch, thanks again Steve

Steve Moore    April 20 at 8:51pm

Would like to put out a BIG Job well done to Steve Winslow, Kayla, and all their many helpers behind the scene to make for a well run event. Heard many good comments in general, and mother nature showed some of what she can do weather wise for us this time of year in Oregon. That's what we call Liquid Sunshine and it was appropriate this weekend. I hope to have some more video links up in next day or so if not before then. Thanks all involved with this weekend events, those running it and those playing in it.



Steve Moore    April 19 at 8:38pm

This hopefully should be link to round 1 hole 1 footage from this morning. Has been compressed for online, I have the high def segments if anyone wants them



Steve Moore    April 16 at 10:24pm

Testing out my remote camera and protection device for it at the Hawgfarm.

Hope to give it more actual field testing this weekend at LSO at Camp Taloali



Steven Winslow    April 14 at 7:49pm

Baskets 2 & 7 from Camp Taloali are at the shop for repair. Estimated return is Thursday morning. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Kayla Johnson    April 13 at 3:42pm

Anyone who is available: We're burning the wood pile out at Taloali at 1pm today! Any help would be much appreciated. Bring a shovel if you've got one!


Dallas Trower    April 13 at 11:32am

Dave heiders today at 11. 350$ ace pot needs to get hit. 2 rounds to cash it.


Steven Winslow    April 12 at 11:20pm

Baskets 2 and 7 at Camp Taloali are going to be removed for repair on Monday, 14 April 2014. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes anyone. The repair should only take a day or two, once they've been replaced we'll let everyone know.


Steven Winslow    April 12 at 9:24pm

Jerry Miller DGC @ Camp Taloali is back in tournament layout for Liquid Sunshine Open. We decided to go with the par 56 layout, holes 5 & 11 are in the par 4 settings.

1 B Long

2 B Long

3 A Short Left

4 B Short Right

5 B Long Right

6 B Short Left

7 B Long Left

8 B Long Right

9 B Long

10 Normal

11 B Long Left

12 B Long Left

13 B Long Left

14 A Short Right

15 B Long Right

16 B Long Left

17 Normal

18 B Long Right


Steven Winslow    April 11 at 12:15am

With Liquid Sunshine Open 2014 taking place, Camp Taloali will be closed for play 19 & 20 April 2014. Please feel free to come observe the tournament, among the participants will be PDGA top 3 rated professional, Nikko Locastro, Prodigy Protégé Michelle Nava, and 70 other fantastic disc golfers competing in Capital City Disc Golf's first B-Tier disc golf tournament.

Nathan B   April 14 at 10:39am

Awesome, have fun on the course that we built! Look forward to seeing you guys play this weekend as I cannot play, family first... Please respect the three new drying alt pin placements on 6, 13, 17. I have asked steven to move the baskets to those pin placements after the tournament...

Dave C    April 10 at 3:20pm

Anyone for a round at Woodmasse? 1pm. Hopefully someone besides me has today off.


Dallas Trower    April 10 at 2:07pm

This Friday will be random dubs with a few twists. A couple of unexpected mandos maybe?? Hmm who knows. Be there around 445 So we can start by 5. Normal 5 dollar buy in with 1 dollar optional ace pot. Tell all yo friends to tell all they friends to come play some random dubs Friday at Dallas


Steve Moore    April 9 at 4:06pm

Camp Taloali Update: For anyone that does not already have plans for this Saturday, fresh from Nate Boyes about getting some work done on course. He will be down for a visit and work. "We be there by 9 Saturday. Goal is to work on signs, some alt pin moving and installation and maybe do 2 more teepads. Want clear the alley fairway on 17. Moving 17a to new farther placement. Bring everything. We will need cement and water of course. Todd focusing on signs, I focus on alt pins. Then 2 teepa ... more


Steven Winslow    April 8 at 11:56am

LSO has depleted it's MPO and MPM waitlist. We need 1 or 2 more players for those divisions. If you're interested please make an entry on the LSO waitlist @ as soon as you can!


Nathen Eyman    April 5 at 12:37pm

BLUE LAKE APRIL 13TH ON SUNDAY PRE REGISTER NOW Tee off 8am 15 bucks per player so 45 a team 2 rounds of 18 optional 2 dollar extreme ctp throw which allows the player 2 throws and the player that is ctp wins extreme ctp money pot 2 dollar ace pot (optional) Ctp on 2 holes Everyone meets at hole one after there first round for lunch 100 percent payouts Random draw with numbers out of a jar/hat Should be fun PLEASE CALL O ... more