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Steve Moore    June 8 at 4:39pm

And another question for the group. Does anyone have any idea what happened to the two nice heavy duty weed pullers that were bought a few years back, originally used at Keizer course to pull Scotch Broom and other stuff with. If so would they be usable there or on any other course as needed. Just hope they didn't disappear somewhere, they were spendy I believe memory serve me good. Thank you


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Steve Moore   June 15 at 5:32pm

Found him as Chris M and sent a message, does not seen to be any response from him there in long time. So if he can be located, thanks

Steve Moore   June 24 at 9:58pm

Looking to see if any one knows whereabouts of Chris McRae and how to reach him please. Would think this would be of concern to board members as to where tooks are

Steve Moore   July 17 at 5:30pm

So here is another topic that I seem to be the only one concerned about. No response as to Chris M whereabouts and so we just write the expense of two tools off? Maybe a better policy should be put in place for any thing that Capitol City purchases in future. Thanks

Steve Moore    June 8 at 2:58pm

So went to Keizer today and it needs work and cleanup pretty bad. Also see practice basket is still missing top portion and all chains due to that. Also hole 4 is still missing all but 1 outer and a bunch of inner chains. I am curious as to status of my 10 dollar donation and any other collected either at Tiger discs or else wise. Curious as to how much was collected and spent and when will they be back together. Thank you


Robert 'straight shooter' Jones   June 8 at 3:25pm

Steve the last thing I know about this situation is that I gave Mike Wilson a club check for $85.00 to pay for the chains. The last thing I heard was that they were trying to chase down the rimgs that hold the chains. I was advised that they had the chains. Hope this helps, Mike Wilson or Jason should be able to answer this in a my informed way. Hope that helps with your questions. Robert

Steve Moore   June 8 at 3:27pm

As usual thank you very much for your input and response. As usual just trying to find out if projects are finished and what condition our courses are in. Glad to hear from you and hope paths cross somewhere.

Robert 'straight shooter' Jones   June 8 at 3:30pm

My bad, should proof read better. Should have said "in a more informed way."

Mike Wilson    June 6 at 11:57pm

Due to family illness.... The work party scheduled for Monday to pour tee pads has been postponed until Friday June 13th at 2:30pm. Since we are starting so late in the afternoon we are asking for "all hands on deck"!! The more people we get to show up and help the sooner we can finish. Thanks in advance.

There are still plans to be working out there on Monday but please check back here to make sure of the start time.

I will not let this stop the Grand Opening from happening!!


Steve Moore    June 5 at 3:28pm

So did the board positions already get decided upon or what. See some comments as this has already happened and positions decided and filled. Can this be clarified for myself and others. Thank you


Mike Wilson    May 28 at 10:49pm

A few more days left on our $10 Wheatland stamped disc sale!!

If interested please get a hold of me soon.

Mike Wilson   May 28 at 11:27pm

I have Buzz's, Zombee's, & Nuke SS's. I think the Comets are gone but not sure. I know the Drones are gone.

Mike Wilson   May 30 at 3:23pm

I believe we have 1 maybe 2 Comets left. A lot of Buzz's. 2 Nuke SS's & 2 Zombee's.

Mike Wilson   May 31 at 7:33am

I believe it's either 1 yellow & 1 clear...... Or both are yellow. LMK.

Nathan B    May 28 at 1:47pm

dga will sell me basket parts at wholesale w my next disc order. we hosting pdga tournament columbus day weekend 2014. how are the 3 new alt pin placements? i will be at taloali all summer so shoot me your ideas, complaints, wants, needs etc. tee signs be updated by end of summer

Mike Wilson   May 28 at 3:29pm

I like the new deeper H6. The new H13 is nice but nothing special. BUT THE NEW H17, that's shot is all or nothing! Great seperator hole for tourneys. Only concern is how long can it be there? The water will make it unplayable as soon as the rains start & with the camp closed during the summer that l ... more

- scottishrob -   May 28 at 4:29pm

New 6 is great. New 13 took away a fun ace run and added the same shot 60'-70' shorter than the normal pin, bad. New 17 is a stretch on the brick shot, where as the old short location was a completely different shot from the brick shot. And as stated, when the flooding comes we can't use it. Since i ... more

Jennie Cartwright    May 27 at 12:16am

Hey guys! Don't forget that the Dallas CTPalooza is this Sunday, June 1st at Dallas City Park. CTP/Longest Putt prizes (brand new, uninked plastic) on every hole, 2 rounds so you get 2 chances at each CTP. We will also have a Ring of Fire and trophies/limited payout for the top 2-3 players in each division (Intermediate, Advanced, Masters, Women). Come out, huk some plastic and win some prizes people!


Steve Moore    May 12 at 9:28pm

I am wondering about the repair work on the two baskets at Camp Taloali that were recently repaired. Who did the work and was it donated time or paid time, and if paid time what was the charges? Just curious as basket 7 still seems not up to what it should be in my opinion. Better then nothing but just like to hear a follow up to this project.

Thank you


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Steve Moore   May 13 at 3:48am

I do hope that is not really what happened and what was paid, at least not my opinion. Not sure what ^^ unless that means what Dallas said

Nathan B   May 28 at 1:44pm

dga will sell me parts at wholesale w my next disc order. we hosting pdga tournament columbus day weekend 2014

ROGUE RIDER   May 28 at 10:26pm

if you ship the parts to me instead of yourself, ill go down and replace the parts ASAP!?

Steve Moore    May 12 at 8:54pm

Well day 1 of Wheatland DGC is over and went pretty good for only a small handful of workers. There will be a day 2 pour to be determined to finish the rest. Few links for those interested.

Course is coming along but plenty to do if interested in helping out just let us know and we will be happy for it.


Mike Wilson   May 12 at 10:27pm

Good videos. Thanks for taking pics/vids Steve

Steve Moore   May 12 at 10:50pm

I could have shot more but ended up getting put to work being manual labor. Good job to all involved today

Mike Wilson   May 13 at 12:10pm

June 9th we will pour remaining 8 pads!! Hope some of you will be able to help out.

scotty don't- make putts    May 12 at 5:20pm

Plastic Match League

Two divisions: winner takes all (just how it sounds)

And bring a disc/leave with a disc, Top finisher/Top pick (1st,2nd,3rd get 1st,2nd,3rd pick and onwards) Cost/ Buy in: one new or nice used disc (no cheap dx type plastic or heavily inked discs). optional $1 Ace pot and $1 cash CTP. Sundays at 5pm rotating between Woodsmansee,Cascade and Dallas. Starting with Woods Sunday 18th.

ROGUE RIDER   May 28 at 10:47pm

this week is dallas

Mike Wilson    May 10 at 11:51am

Sunday morning 7am work party!!

We will be prepping and laying forms for tee pads. Which we will be pouring Monday morning!

We could use a few extra hands to get this chore done. Even if you can't show up at 7, please come whenever you can.

We are SOOOO close to the end. Hope to see you there! TIA


Steve Moore    May 9 at 10:24pm

Here is a link for some pictures of trail work at Canyonview Camp being done, more still to do but getting there.

Come join us for a round sometime



Brad Rich    May 9 at 4:09pm

Who won monday night league last week?

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Brad Rich   May 9 at 5:36pm

oh nice! good shooting.

Robert 'straight shooter' Jones   May 9 at 10:29pm

Brad if your talking about May 5th, yes Lucky won and you were 3rd.

Brad Rich   May 10 at 7:15pm

Nice! Yeah I was just wondering. Thanks guys

Steve Moore    May 7 at 5:39pm

Can anyone confirm for sure where tonight's meeting is please? Site show's f'stop but last couple have been at salem ale works. Just want to know for sure incase I can get there. Thank you.


Kayla Johnson   May 7 at 8:02pm

Salem Ale Works, I'll fix the calendar!

Dave C    May 7 at 12:30pm

Would like to get a round in before work at Woodz. 11:30 ?


Mike Wilson    May 6 at 8:12pm

Keep next Monday the 12th open. We will need 5-6 people to help us POUR SOME TEE PADS @ Wheatland DGC!!

This is a huge day for us and we can use your help! We want to pour all 18 in this one day due to our "real jobs" schedules! Please come help us take one step closer to getting a new course built!

Mike Wilson   May 7 at 12:11pm

Concrete arrives 7am!

Mike Wilson    May 5 at 8:38pm

Keep next Monday the 12th open. We will need 5-6 people to help us POUR SOME TEE PADS!!

More to come....

Christopher Fanger   May 6 at 12:05pm

I will try to make it, thanks for the update mike!

Mike Wilson    May 5 at 6:54pm

I'll be at Wheatland DGC Tuesday the 6th at 2:30 to do work!

Bring gloves, rakes, loppers, and saws!

Want to get H3-H5 cleared and tee pads prepped for concrete!

Mike Wilson   May 5 at 7:02pm

Meet at the day use area by the corral.

Brad Rich    May 2 at 3:26pm

Has there ever been interest in doing another league night at cascades? Like a doubles league, random draw $5+1 buy in? I would be down to run something if people wanted to come out and play. I previously ran a league in phoenix for about 2 years. Let me know if this is something worth doing.

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Robert 'straight shooter' Jones   May 2 at 8:38pm

Hi Brad, if you'd like to discuss another league during the week, it would probably have to be Wed or Thu. Other leagues going on the other days. CCDG meeting is this Wed @ 6pm @ Salem Ale Works on 25th Ave, almost right behind Tiger Discs.

Brad Rich   May 3 at 4:02pm

Awesome. I would love to see a full schedule of the other leagues weekly around town.

Lucky .   May 3 at 5:20pm

Monday handicap league at cascade at 5:30. Maybe 6 now. Tuesday twos at woods at 6. Friday singles at dallas at 6. Dont be late local traveling leauge on saturdays at 8 and whenever else they decide. Sunday dorcs at 7am traveling local courses. Sunday random dubs at 10 traveling to varying local courses as well. Those are all of the local ones.

Steve Moore    April 30 at 5:38pm

Shave strokes off your game by hitting more of those long putts. Welcome to come visit Hawg Farm Disc Putting Range and work on those long putts up to 60 feet. Catch net behind basket for those fast putts. Also driving net to help the arm up for those big drives. Give a holler if want to visit and we will get time worked out. Distance lines 10' interval with 10 meter arc marked for putt jumping. Evenings are nice now and lights if needed.


Brad Rich   May 3 at 4:04pm


Steve Moore   May 3 at 4:56pm

Brad, and others. Let me know if you want to come visit, south end of lancaster area in salem