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Steve Moore    1 day ago

So is there no one from CCDG willing to answer up to simple question being asked for the good of us all? What is, if there is one, the plan for repair and upkeep of which local courses, regarding fixing needed items, finishing what needs to be finished, and getting courses in shape for this winter coming fast? I do not understand why some much problem on this topic when it concerns all of us that play the sport. Time to work together and grow the group and get things done, not work againest each other as it seems to be now. Thank you.


Rick Saffeels    6 days ago

Hey does anyone have a Orange Stiletto 174g? I forgot mine at Corban about two weeks ago. Went back but it was gone :(


Steve Moore    September 13 at 7:21pm

As the days get shorter and fall and winter approches, I am putting out a call to CCDG and if they have any plans in place for the Woodmansee course as far as repairs and getting ready for winter weather. They should already be aware of needed items and general disc public should be aware if they have plans in place for the course. If not then I guess I will need to take charge again and see what can be done at this time. If so then will be happy for any and all assistance. Thank you and see what happens.

And yes I have tried to communicate with them with out much response.


Steve Moore   3 days ago

I guess since no response that means that things are not being taken care of the way they the group that should handling things. I was specifically asked for my drawing files early this year which I gave to the club guessing it meant they would take care of signage and such. Still waitin ... more

Brad Rich   3 days ago

Hole 8's sign is ripped out

Steve Moore    August 4 at 2:07pm

comments deleted again, guess its not a democratic place to be anymore

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Brad Rich   August 5 at 1:33pm

Ive never seen such disfuction from a club or there memebers. The whole point of the club is to bring together people not only from your city but from surrounding as well. Promoting hospitality and friendship rooting from a common love for disc golf. Work the issues out professionaly. I understand t ... more

Brad Rich   August 5 at 1:34pm

Spell Check: Members*

Steve Moore   August 5 at 7:43pm

Brad, please don't let any of my comments or opinions keep you from working with CCDG if you choose. Won't be any bad feelings or anything on my part, I just want to see that our courses are being maintened to their best, working with proper city or park officials as needed, for the good of all. ... more

Steve Moore    August 4 at 12:17pm

If any decisions are to be made at meeting this week, could a decision about which local courses the Club is claiming and willing to do proper maintenance and repairs of those courses. It would be nice to have a proper custodian of our local courses to present them to fellow disc golfers in the best possible way. It is work and requires a dedicated group of people. I just want to know who or which groups are willing to do this in a fine manner. Thank you.

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Steve Moore   August 5 at 12:41am

Kayla, maybe laying "claim" to a course is not the proper way to think about it. Maybe look at it more like each course should have a caretaker either an individual or club representative. This would make agreements with proper source's that each course needs to deal with easier and duplicate eff ... more

Steve Moore   August 5 at 7:47pm

I will not be able to be at CCDG meeting tomorrow but still feel this should be discussed to some extent and ideas taken as to how we can ensure courses kept up into future. If the results of any conversation could be included in posted minutes for all members to follow that would also be much appreciated. Thank you.

Kayla Johnson   August 5 at 7:52pm

We have a head greenskeeper, Barry Bolliger. He is our point of contact with the City of Salem Parks Dept, as well as the one scheduling work parties for our local courses as needed.

Dallas Trower    August 2 at 6:15pm

Don't miss out tomorrow. Sunday at Dave Heiders disc golf course. The monthly tournament. One round of singles and one round of random doubles. 200$ ace pot both rounds plus in between entertainment. Always a good time just need more people to come out and play. 11 o'clock is tee off for first round so be there around 1030 for sign ups. Be there its a blast.

casey ullom   August 2 at 7:41pm

what's the buy in?

Shaun Kirk   August 2 at 7:42pm

5+1 for acepot

Dallas Trower   August 2 at 9:51pm

each round

Steve Moore    July 29 at 9:48am

To bad someone feels they need to keep deleting questions asked of them, twice now. Maybe I'll get the hint but would it not be easier to just respond properly. Thank you. Still waiting for a response from Capital City Disc Golf as to if they are going to take full responsibility for the proper continual upkeep into the future of Woodmansee course. If not then I will continue my efforts to see it happens some how even though it should be their responsibility. I just want this issue resolved ... more

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Kayla Johnson   August 4 at 2:41pm

CCDG has it's own agreement with the City Steve, no need to blame the club for things that you do not believe were approved. Brad, we're always looking for volunteers, we are just a group of individuals volunteering our time to help promote the sport and keep our local courses maintained. Talk to Ba ... more

Brad Rich   August 4 at 3:50pm

Coming from a position within a club that has been around since 1989 and thriving still I'm always down like i said to help and give ideas.

Kayla Johnson   August 4 at 8:14pm

I always welcome help and new ideas.

Steve Moore    July 18 at 12:41pm

** Toledo DGC needs TLC after being vandalized **

The new Toledo DGC install was totally vandalized recently and needs repair work to redo damage and finish install. A small group of folks are working hard on this project over there and have new supplies ready to start over. I am looking at going over Sunday the 27th this month to assist with this project. If anyone not busy and would like to help out and carpool over let me know please. More details to follow, just trying to get word out to all. Thank you.


Barry "B" Bolliger    July 17 at 2:07pm

I am going to Thursday night random dove Champoeg. I have room for two more leaving Salem at about 430


Brady "Church" Reese    July 16 at 1:20am

**PLEASE READ #2 - LETS PARTY!!!** LOCALS ROUTE DISC GOLF will be at the SALEM BITE & BREW FESTIVAL!!! When: July 25-27 (Fri: 4pm-11pm/Sat: 11am-11pm/Sun: 11am-6pm) Where: Salem Riverfront (200 Water St. NE – Salem, OR) Whats going on?: - Food, BEER, Live Music…DISC GOLF!! - The Bite and Brew has been around for a while setting up shop at the Riverfront every summer with the best food venues, beer venues and live entertainment. This year is a little bit different: ... more


Steve Moore    July 15 at 9:05pm

If there is anyone not playing the Auburn Amped Wide Open event Saturday and has camera/video setup and would like to help me shoot the days event, let me know and get you set up as volunteer with me for the day. Should be good day and have just learned that John McCray top rated professional will be joining in for the day. First time in Salem to try out a golf course concept, smaller then most but should still make for great day od disc golf.


Brad Rich   July 16 at 11:50am

nice, turbo putt johne!!

Brady "Church" Reese    July 14 at 5:23pm

**PLEASE READ-IMPORTANT & EXCITING NEWS!!** ATTENTION EVERYONE!! – I have officially opened up my own business and clothing line called “LOCALS ROUTE DISC GOLF” I will be selling anything from custom shirts to hats to Beer Mugs, and everything in between, plus much, much more. (I have a lot of fun ideas-more to come) I am very excited to get this going and be able to supply all of your disc golf needs!!! And even things you didn’t think you need but will want! Merchandise coming very ... more


Dallas Trower    July 11 at 12:50pm

Tonight @ Dallas City Park is NO O.B. Random Doubles. $5 buy in with optional $1 ace pot. Each person is also allowed to buy 2 mulligans for $1 a piece. Mulligan money goes straight to payouts. (Hints why we always have nice fat payouts!) Sign ups start round 530 and we usually tee off around 6! so grab your plastic and get your friends together and come play some sweet random dubs at Dallas tonight!

Andrew Thompson   July 11 at 5:57pm

Im rolling @ 430 from salem if any one wants a ride hit me up.

Steve Moore    July 9 at 7:39pm

Have received following from fellow disc golfer about the Woodmansee course:

Looks like someone is fixin to steal the top portion of basket 7 at woods. The bolt is missing and there is a stick in it's place. Needs imediate attention!

If anybody has a chance to go by and look at and take care of I would appreciate it. May be couple days before I can get there, Thanks


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Robert 'straight shooter' Jones   July 9 at 10:15pm

Yes there's a new bolt in the basket. I saw the posting when I got home and went to Woods to fix it. I wish something had been posted sooner. Wasted trip, oh well that's life sometime. Thanks Steve for posting the problem and thanks to Ira for repairing it and Agro for letting us know. Have a good evening gentlemen.

Ira B   July 10 at 12:06am

sorry Robert. my bad

Robert 'straight shooter' Jones   July 10 at 12:33am

It's all cool. The main thing is that's it's fixed. I was pleasently suprised when I got to Woods and it was already repaired. Thanks again for stepping up. We need more of that from all that use the courses.

Steve Moore    June 30 at 3:31pm

Would also like to know who will be making the changes to tee #15 and #6 signs at Woodmansee to reflect the new changes to that area with new bridge and tee pad location. I turned all signage files over to CCDG few months back as requested and was guessing that meant you folks will take care of it. At this time just checking to see if that is what will happen now or not? Thank you.

Kayla Johnson   July 6 at 7:53pm

We discussed it, and at this time we feel that there is no reason to update the signs. The tee pad and bridge weren't moved enough to make the current sign inaccurate.

Steve Moore    June 30 at 11:39am

Woodmansee Tee pad #15 after reinstall new location. Good job to Barry and any others that were able to assist him with this project. I was not able to stay yesterday so went back this morning to get pictures to post for all to see.

Good job on the tee pad work, thanks from me.


AGRO JACKSON   June 30 at 2:59pm

Ty Barry. Good work as usual. Ty as well to the other people involved in getting this teepad back in.

Steve Moore    June 29 at 11:53pm

Would it be possible to see the payout charts used for Monday night and Sunday random doubles. Could this possibly be posted somewhere to be seen? Also how many players need to show up before club puts up a free CTP for all to toss at, if ever? And I know at this point not making Monday nights but looking at starting again, possible to know what handicap formula is this year? Thank you

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Steven Winslow   June 30 at 1:46pm

David, you're more than welcome to reach out to the City of Salem. Considering that your actions almost got the entire Woodmansee course removed, perhaps you should go help Steve yourself.

AGRO JACKSON   June 30 at 2:28pm

My actions? When u point a finger ur pointing numerous back at urself. Neither cap city nor chain gang was paying city fees or insurance up to the point of my tourney last year. If thts wht ur referring to them know I was wrong for just following the likes of capital city's mistakes. I don't put on ... more

Kayla Johnson   June 30 at 3:05pm

Some clarification for all: Capital City Disc Golf Club does have an insurance policy which covers all of our events. We also have permits from the City of Salem for all of our leagues and tournaments that we run in city parks.

Steve Moore    June 29 at 8:22pm

New walkthrough pictures of Woodmansee DGC after cleanup work done, couple more projects yet to finish up with. Big thanks out to the parks department supervisor for meeting with me on course and allowing this work and future discussions about the course and it's proper maintenance.

Enjoy the course and no more complaints about lost discs in fairways please,

also if you want to help me in my further adventures in course upkeep, please let me know.

Thanks all


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THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   June 29 at 10:28pm

Yes, and I liked the new tee-pad too, thank you all for your hard work, you know who you are

THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   June 29 at 10:41pm

I was verry pleased to see Mike Patrick out there today.

Steve Moore   June 29 at 11:01pm

Yes it was a very nice surprise to see Mike, he joined our group and threw with us the last couple holes of doubles round. Looking forward to seeing new tee pad work. It's been a good couple three weeks for the old course. Hopefully the beginning agreements can be finished getting into place for ... more

Steve Moore    June 18 at 5:39pm

*** Woodmansee Course Update *** Just back in from course walk thru with Parks Supervisor and assistant. We came to some verbal agreements for moment which will be turned into written agreements down the line after few more items worked out. I will be point of contact for now for this process of course maintenance agreement with Parks department. Short term this means beginning next week I will be allowed to begin doing some work, volunteers will need to contact me and get proper paperwork ... more

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Kayla Johnson   June 18 at 8:44pm

I appreciate and support your efforts Steve. I just want our members and volunteers to understand that they still need to go through our channels in order to get their hours counted. Just clarification, not an attack on you. You posted this on CCDG's page, so don't be upset by my response.

Steve Moore   June 18 at 9:17pm

Not upset, just concerned and trying to state facts and updates the best I can. But I will always stand by my comments and try to lead by example and working on getting projects accomplished for benifit of all. I wish it had not come to this but I feel very strong about courses layouts, playabilit ... more

Steve Moore   June 18 at 9:20pm

Also maybe better word out to all your members in better manner might allow us all to know what is going on with CCDG and their projects. It's all good, some more good then others, let's just learn how to all play and work nicely together for the common cause. Thank you

Brad Rich    June 15 at 1:28pm

Is there dubs going on today at cascades?

Kayla Johnson   June 15 at 1:38pm

Doubles is out at Camp Taloali today. It rotates every week, check the calendar for locations:

Brad Rich   June 15 at 2:23pm