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D.C. Dan Dulaney    22 hours ago

NEEDED - Pro Women's instructor to teach(paid) clinic April 12th
The Port of Cascade Locks and Discvango are looking for 2-3 Pro Women instructors for a Women's clinic @ the Locks Approach DGC for the afternoon of Sun. April 12th. Instructors will be paid $40. Clinics run 2hrs, and we try to play at least 9 holes. Please call 503-329-5954(10am-10pm) AND PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD FOR THOSE THAT MAY WISH TO ATTEND. Thank you!!

Rick Saffeels   18 hours ago

Talk to Zoe AnDyke of Team OR (look her up on Facebook) are you looking for a woman teacher or male teacher?

Josh B    5 days ago

So this is my first year playing league at cascade... Does league play rain or shine every Monday?

Josh B   5 days ago

This tailored toward the rainy days :)

- scottishrob -   5 days ago

Yes the league runs rain or shine. Lightning strikes are about the only reason for cancelations during league.

Josh B   5 days ago

Awesome. Thank you. Rain geared up!!!

Steve Moore    March 19 at 6:36pm

Just back from round at Woodmansee and it is in need or some repair and cleanup. Most of tee signs need replacement and new acrylic cover plates. Also some have the top wood plates being loosened and ready to be taken now the top covers are gone. Course in general could use cleanup for the spring. Any plans in place by CCDG or will this need to be taken on by individuals effort again. Thank you and this should be handled as soon as possible before further damage done to course.

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Steve Moore   March 20 at 8:20pm

Hopefully will here something from CCDG about the tee signs and such, course needs some TLC

Kayla Johnson   March 21 at 2:21am

CCDG is working with the city of Salem on these issues.

Steve Moore   March 21 at 8:44am

Might I ask about what these plans are and time frame of getting them accomplished. Been this way awhile and don't see much being accomplished. Open communication to all involved can be a wonderful thing. I see no reason why tee sign work at least can not be accomplished at this time. Gebe ... more

Brady "Church" Reese    March 4 at 12:00am

37 people registered for the Lucky Huck!! We need more!! Less than 3 weeks for an epic day of fun disc golf :) Come on and sign up for an unforgettable tournament!


Steve Moore    February 28 at 8:47pm

Wheatland DGC Noon tomorrow Sunday for some course maintenance, If possible show up and show support for Mike Wilson, PacWest, and ourselves to keep our courses in good shape. Thank you


Steve Moore    February 28 at 8:17pm

Woodmansee work day was a big success due to the friends of trees, ivy removal coalition, and other assorted youth groups. Sorry to say no disc golfers besides myself made it out. We owe these groups a big thanks. Some of many pictures taken. Over 1000+ tree seedlings, assorted plants, and such planted today, lets treat them nice and let them grow.


Steve Moore    February 25 at 11:24am

Woodmansee Course this Saturday Friends of Trees is partnering with the City of Salem to revitalize the stream banks along Pringle Creek as it winds through this beautifully wooded park. We will be adding additional Oregon white oaks and native shrubs to the areas recently won back from a Himalayan blackberry infestation. The No Ivy Coalition will be simultaneously leading ivy removal activities in the old oak grove adjacent to the planting area. Bring your disc golf discs for after the planti ... more


Brady "Church" Reese    February 20 at 2:17am

Hey whats up everyone! They're here!!! Check out the links below if you want a Locals Route Disc Golf custom basket necklace and keychain!! These are saweeeeet :)




Steve Moore    February 12 at 7:55pm

Also believe basket 9 still in need of fix also, was held together with twist ties last I saw. Thank you

Justin "ugh massa" Stinson   February 13 at 3:19pm

anyone from cap city have a key? i can fix baskets

Steve Moore    February 12 at 7:50pm

Reported that Woodmansee basket 8 in need of repair. Can we come up with a game plan for repair. Thank you.

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Brad Rich   February 16 at 10:04am

It would really be awesome if somebody in control would allow justin to fix the basket, people are now pulling the S hooks off the top of the pic and wrapping the chains under the basket, sooner or later you guys will be replacing chains and having to weld. just an FYI

Brad Rich   February 16 at 10:04am

basket* not pic

Chris "The Lip" Lippert   February 25 at 12:45am

Barry came out tonight during our glow round and moved the practice basket to hole 8 and will be getting the regular basket welded. I believe it is back in the short now. thank you Barry


Steve Moore    February 6 at 7:39pm

For information to the club Letter received from friends of trees about work at Woodmansee Hi Steve, I'm sorry it's taken me a few days to chime in here. The area we will be planting in does intersect the course near the northernmost footbridge in the park (though I'm not sure of the hole number/s 5/14? 6/15?). However, the work will not permanently affect any of the baskets or tees. That said, we will want to "close" these holes during the event. I will be pos ... more

Chris "The Lip" Lippert   February 11 at 5:17am

I'm fine with that tree going. It will allow for a couple bodies to happen on 2 that are normally impossible.

Brian A    February 6 at 12:41pm

Hey! I am new to Salem and I am an avid disc golf player, how would I go about getting involved with your club? I would help maintain and build courses locally in Lake Tahoe CA/NV as well as play weekly if not daily. Looking to meet some people to play with and just get involved.

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Kayla Johnson   February 6 at 1:24pm

I'm not sure who runs the Tuesday league, but it is not our club.

Tiger Discs   February 6 at 1:30pm

Stop by Tiger Discs and we can talk disc golf!!

Rick Saffeels   February 6 at 4:21pm

Once you activate your account, I'd be glad to show you around. As of now, I run the league on Tuesday Night Twilight and help with some tournaments.. Tiger Discs is the only local store in the area only for discs, so he would be a good resource too :)

Brady "Church" Reese    February 4 at 6:10pm

Hey whats up everyone!
Check out new tourney I posted for March 21st at Taloali! Gonna be super a fun tournament with special layout and added holes : ) Cash payouts, ace pot, CTPs, fun, fun, fun : ) See link below for all info. Don’t miss out on a blast at this beautiful course. Message me to register.


Steve Moore    January 23 at 6:17pm

Are there any plans on course improvement work at Camp Taloali between now and the LSO? Mostly interested in things such as tee pad back fill to bring level and even ground surface off the tee pad, updated and proper signage, and trail cleanup. Just like to see course in best possible shape for all playing the tournament and course at other times. Thank you for any information and willing to be involved.


Kayla Johnson    December 29 at 12:28am

Hey All-

My brother's car was just broken into (outside of my house here in Salem), and all of his discs were stolen. Please be on the lookout for an orange and green Fade Crunch bag, or any discs with Kevan Johnson's name on them.

Thanks much!