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Casey Maloney    July 6 at 11:05pm

Am4 anyone? Lol!


Casey Maloney    July 5 at 8:52am

Anyone interested in playing the "Jbird" open tomorrow in Mt. Pleasant?

Jason Cassidy   July 5 at 12:30pm

All signed up, you better go or you'll end up like Curly Jefferson!!!!

Casey Maloney   July 5 at 1:10pm

Rock! Just signed up #44 on the list. Can't wait for that extra discraft merch....

Jason Burke    July 4 at 1:15am

Cant make the Indy run but has anyone played Belle Isle? I guess Sundays at noon for leagues, anyone down?

Casey Maloney   July 5 at 8:48am

Do they have the baskets in yet?

Casey Maloney    July 3 at 9:25am

8:00 a.m.


Casey Maloney    July 2 at 6:02pm

Thursday morning Indy lake!


Jason Cassidy    July 1 at 10:41pm

Need a partner for next months epic event of CJ's BYOP Doubles tourney...

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Casey Maloney   July 2 at 2:23pm

Thought y'all were Am3 now...... :P

Jason Cassidy   July 2 at 2:52pm

Im 844 rated...

Casey Maloney   July 2 at 6:01pm


Casey Maloney    June 28 at 11:49pm

case-addy 3rd place at Michigan am doubles at Holly Woods. CLUB NINJA REPRESENT!

Jason Cassidy   June 29 at 1:05am

I forgot how to play today, until I said a couple Ole Greg lines then I was better. Thank goodness this kid ^^^ knew what he was doing!

Jason Cassidy    June 25 at 2:18pm

Need a partner on Friday at Hollywoods!!! Anyone? Anyone?

Casey Maloney   June 25 at 2:48pm

As long as it starts after 5:00p.m. I'm in.

Casey Maloney    June 23 at 10:22pm

Ooga Chaka. Cave man style all day.


Casey Maloney    June 21 at 9:28am

Stony creek Saturday June 22. Casual ninja round. Starting at 10:00a.m. If we have enough we will play extreme ninja doubles. Bring quarters....


Jason Cassidy    June 19 at 11:13pm

Way To Represent NINJAS!!!!!! Norm, you're a bagger! :) want some candy?

Norman Copeland   June 19 at 11:48pm

hahahaha! do you have pixie stix? not tummy stix!

William Gilbert    June 17 at 8:12pm

so now when does ninjas unite and run an event??

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Casey Maloney   June 18 at 2:06pm


William Gilbert   June 18 at 9:26pm

you know i will be there and mike should be to, with a good date we could have some fun and you can use our merch or maybe mikes instead. Mike has committed to a single tourney this year looking at august 25th a sunday. doubles event! BYOP. just waiting to confirm with a couple people first on that one.

Casey Maloney   June 19 at 12:17pm

That sounds awesome!

Daniel Treharne    June 7 at 11:13am

You guys went from being a scary gang to something

Norman Copeland   June 10 at 8:51pm

hell yeah! and now we are ridiculously scary!

Daniel Treharne   June 11 at 5:47pm

lol, where were you guys at the Discraft open?

Casey Maloney    June 6 at 9:22pm

Thank you Norm for the innovation for our current club pic.


Casey Maloney    June 6 at 9:21pm

Welcome all!!! Good people and great times.


Norman Copeland    June 6 at 5:25pm

Love the pic! Lol!


Jacob Belmas    June 6 at 3:18pm

I think the tournament in Kentucky should be posted director....


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