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Brad Reimer   November 8 at 1:16am

CLDGC Lost And Found

Lost and Found Update: Discs found on the course during club functions or returned in the CLDGC blue return box will NO LONGER be returned to the Front Gatehouse. This is due to ongoing problems in retrieving discs from the gatehouse and keeping them safe until their owners can pick them up. This is further complicated by the fact that we have been told that the park is no longer planning to staff the gatehouse except during summer months. Here is the current photo gallery of discs that are i ... more


Brad Reimer   November 7 at 7:17pm

Winter League Week 2

Don't miss Christie Lake Winter League Week 2 tomorrow morning! 9:30 bonfire and hot chocolate, 10 am pro am doubles tee off! Weekly CTP hole 1.


Brad Reimer   November 1 at 1:45pm

Winter League results Nov 1 2014

Thanks everyone for coming out on a lovely fall day, nice turn out, 15 golfers despite the cool windy weather and the Hairy Harvest tourney going today as well. Congrats to - our first place team - smoking hot husband and wife team Chris and Helen Morlock at -10, our second place place team Andrew Leyland and Josh The Kid at -7, CTP winner Andrew Leyland, and winner of the CTP Poker bonus contest with a full house, Queens full of 8s, also Andrew (Leylando can now officially quit the day job). See you all next week!


Brad Reimer   October 31 at 8:50am

Winter League Kickoff Tomorrow

One more sleep! Winner of the CTP Poker bonus contest gets a $40 extra payout!


Brad Reimer   October 28 at 12:52am

Winter League Reminder

Well the 2014 tournament season is over - and Winter League kickoff is just days away! Come on out this Saturday morning November 1st, all skill levels welcome, no membership required. Don't miss the kickoff, we'll have a bonfire, hot chocolate, and at 10 a.m. a round of pro-am doubles including CTP Poker (Jokers are wild!). See below announcement for further details!


Brad Reimer   October 23 at 7:44pm

Winter League 2014-15

Looking Ahead: Winter League Kickoff November 1, 2014! Club membership not required, and players of all skill levels are welcome! See attached announcement below. For our kick-off round, in addition to our regular first-place team pay-out and CTP (hole #9), we will also be playing 'CTP Poker' for a bonus Prize: - Each foursome will carry a deck of shuffled playing cards - On the first tee, each player in the foursome will be dealt 2 cards from your groups deck - On each ODD numbered hole ... more

Kevin McIntosh   October 23 at 11:57pm

Sounds awesome. Can't wait for next Saturday!

Brad Reimer   October 24 at 7:27pm


chris morlock   October 30 at 9:00am

Is it Saturday yet???

chris morlock   January 26, 2012 at 9:42am

Info about winter league 2012/2013

When: Saturdays 9:30 am tee off

Cost: $2 to play. $2 optional ACE pool. $2 optional CTP/s (there may be more then one)

Format: Random draw doubles (we will try for PRO/AM teams)

ACE pool: Capped at $75

Currently we have a starting ACE pool at $40.00. We will donate 50% of the remaining ace pool after the season finale, to Christie Lake, for course improvements; as we did last year.

Our season kicks off Sat. Nov. 3rd 2012.

Hope to see you out there.

For any questions: PM myself or call/text Chris @ 519-572-7591