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J jackson    May 5 at 2:52pm

we are starting a sunday unsanctioned as of now, cash game (random doubles) in Gwood starting at 4-430? let me know some feedback and i'll keep checking in and may tweek it slightly. thur night could be a possibility also? I'll announce it at wed dubs and get feedback there if people want to put in their 2 cents. Also there is sunday softball that starts at 630. we had 20 people show up last night and would extend the invite to anyone that wants to swing a bat. gloves and everything is provided (other than beer) so just show up!

James Beckner   May 5 at 6:30pm

i vote for early sunday just because its a weekend. but then again it is tourney b.season

Tre Jones   May 5 at 8:43pm

i think maybe different days would be ideal considering people who might want to play in wasilla and gwood like myself cant make those days (Thursday nights) and possibly sundays (depending on the time) considering we have leages on those days already.

Tre Jones   May 5 at 8:44pm

our leagues are thurasday nights and sunday mornings so evening sunday rounds might be possible.

Mike Briseno    May 5 at 1:29pm

When does Wednesday night double kick of for 2014?

Brian Cassidy   May 5 at 1:44pm

Wednesday Night 7th @ 6:15

Mike Briseno   May 5 at 2:15pm

copy that, thanks

Tay Harling    May 5 at 12:27am

How is G-wood looking??

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Jordan Thies   May 5 at 1:43am

it was awsome today

Tay Harling   May 5 at 3:09am

Solid! Muddy at all? Playing it on my way home tomorrow.

Jeremy Boyd   May 5 at 12:35pm

not too bad, little wet in spots but mostly dry

Greg Rouse    May 4 at 2:52am

In case anyone didn't hear- I have room for passengers who want to go to shorebird. I am pretty sure I'll be going and have room for 3 (or 4 tiny people.) Hit me up ASAP so we can iron out the details. 315 2343

Tre Jones   May 4 at 3:11am

ill come if i get paid by then which i should be. :D

Greg Rouse   May 4 at 3:28am

Car's full dude. Enjoy your date.

Greg Rouse   May 4 at 3:28am

Haha just messing with you. Alright 2 seats left folks.

Lou Dogg    May 4 at 1:54am

Cash game at Girdwood DGC! 10:30 start time, $5. Please respond here or by text of you'll be there so we're not waiting around. See you there!

G-Wood! G-Wood always up to no good!

Greg Rouse   May 4 at 2:49am

I'll be on the slope, but see if anyone needs a ride to shorebird. I have room for 3 at this point and am 85% sure I'll make it.

Thad Murgatroyd    May 2 at 6:10pm

You can now Pay online for any upcoming Hilltop Event or buy a Bag Tag online . Go to and scroll down to Discgolf and click the Red pay here link . If you buy a tag you can either messege me or pick it up from Hilltop . Thanks


James Beckner    May 2 at 11:01am

Where is saturday league? I vote pc!!

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Lou Dogg   May 2 at 3:24pm

I vote safari golf at Kincaid. Blindfolded. G-Wood is on Sunday. All day!

Jeremy Boyd   May 2 at 4:31pm

Church of Alcantra is on Sunday

Joe Schacht   May 2 at 6:06pm

Kincaid pro tees! Gwood Sunday!!

Thad Murgatroyd    May 1 at 6:27pm

Hilltop Work party schedule . Friday at 2 . Saturday and Sunday at 11 . Boots and gloves are needed

josh stewart   May 9 at 2:04pm

Will my keens suffice?

Thad Murgatroyd   May 10 at 12:56pm


Josh Jones    May 1 at 4:01pm

Hey y'all, I wanted to update you on the events in Fairbanks this year, the schedule spreadsheet has some missing and incorrect info. If someone could fill in/correct it on there, that would be great. All three of our tournaments are C-Tier events this year. The Solstice Showdown is June 28, with two rounds at Birch Hill and run by Bobb Lockwood. The Mosquito Blood Drive is July 26-27 at Birch Hill, TD'd by myself. We will be unveiling a new back 9 layout at this event, and it is ... more

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Jeremy Boyd   May 4 at 11:30am

Josh, I glanced at the event page for each of the three tournaments here on DG scene, and one event (Mosquito) shows that it is not sanctioned, while the other two indicate C-tier sanctioning for ams but unsanctioned for pros.

Josh Jones   May 4 at 11:45am

Thanks for updating the spreadsheet Jeremy. I'm not sure who made the DG scene announcements, but they didn't have the correct information. It was all correct on the spreadsheet I had been keeping, which I had sent to Brian while a back. All three are already sanctioned with the PDGA, I don't know why they haven't posted them yet, and I can't call them from Wales.

Josh Jones   May 4 at 11:50am

I've updated the DG scene pages for the Fairbanks tournaments.

Tre Jones    April 30 at 2:56pm

I will be in town tonight for Kincaid dubs if anyone wants to bring registration for the trilogy challenge. entry is 35$, additionally I will be sending off the order for our next order of shirts and hoodies if anyone wants to place an order for one of those.


Thad Murgatroyd    April 30 at 1:22am

Hilltop Bag Tags are ready !!! I will have them with me tomorrow at leagues . They are 15 buck and low numbers are available at first come first serve.

Tre Jones   April 30 at 2:57pm

thad I'll be picking one up tonight. thanks!

Thad Murgatroyd    April 25 at 9:25pm

We will be up at Hilltop this weekend trying to finish up hole 4,5,6 . Hole 4 and 5 just need cleaned up , hole 6 needs cut in but eith help will go fast . My cell # is 229 3740 . I will be there all weekend if interested in seeing the new course


Thad Murgatroyd    April 24 at 12:10pm

Hilltop is considering a Ladies League on our new 9 to encourage more Ladies to play . Let us know if it sounds interesting and yes it will be a Hilltop/ADGA league . Would you want it sanctioned?

Toni Osiecki   April 24 at 2:17pm

Tuesdays or Sundays are the only days I'd be able to come play. I'm indifferent to sanctioning as long as there isn't snow on the ground and layers stifling my flow :)

Thad Murgatroyd   April 24 at 3:39pm

This league will start in June so there will be no snow ( the new holes are almost clear of snow now) . We can do it on Tuesdays no problem . We are trying to run a dubs league the same night and the 2 course play completely seperate of each other. . I will let the ladies decide if they want it sanctioned .

Tre Jones    April 23 at 9:33pm

*!* Alaskan Trilogy Challenge *!* REMINDER Just a reminder, Anyone wanting to play in the Alaskan Trilogy Challenge and get the sweet 3 disc + swag players pack for the $35 price needs to sign up ASAP, I wont be ordering many extra packs so to ensure your spot you need to pre pay. I will be in Anchorage for Saturday leagues and can take payments then or you can pay online via PayPal and or through here on the tournament page. The cut off for pre pay will likely be early April which is only a ... more

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Som Bouasri   April 24 at 1:34pm

If you come out next wednesdayto Kincaid I can pay you then. I will pay for a pack but I'm not sure if I'll be playing yet.

Toni Osiecki   April 24 at 2:15pm

Sorry, I'm moving that day...can't wait to come check out your course though!

Tre Jones   April 25 at 8:50pm

Bummer Toni. ya come out and play soon :D, Som, cool man i hopefully will make it to town soon. not sure about next wednesday but im sure we will figure it out.

Som Bouasri    April 23 at 5:42pm

Anyone have a Judge I can try out?

Adam Klein   April 23 at 6:57pm

Hi Som, I do believe Thad M and Danny T. both use Judges, maybe they have extras you can try.

Brian Cassidy   April 23 at 7:03pm

I also use a Judge. If you are at Kincaid this evening you are welcome to try it. Unfortunately I only have one at the moment. They are pretty awesome. I used one for an afternoon and replaced the putter I had been using for ten years.

Lou Dogg    April 23 at 12:52pm

In observance of Earth Day (yesterday) we WILL be holding an unofficial round tonight at Kincaid Park. Same 6:15/6:30 pm times. $5 per person, full cash payout. I will also have a few Outback Steakhouse vouchers to give away at the end in the form of CTP's. I will provide the trash bags. Only two more weeks until until we make WNDubs an official event! Not too sure I can wait! See you all tonight!


Thad Murgatroyd    April 23 at 1:20am

Thanks to Joe . S and John Thein ,you guys killed today. hole 4s green looks great and the line is open with the tipped tree gone . Great work guys . Thanks again . Next work party is Thursday at 2pm and this weekend starting at 11 am . More the merrier


Thad Murgatroyd    April 22 at 12:35am

We are meeting at 2 at the bottom of Hilltop to do some work on the new 9 . Bring boots or extratuffs and gloves . We also are working every weekend starting at 11 am . Hilltop encourages everyone to come see the new course . It should be a fun short technical course and we want your imput and help . If we support Hilltop the planning for a peters creek style 18 in the woods next to the ski hill will start later this summer . How cool would 3 very different courses in one place be . We and I nee ... more


Tyler W    April 21 at 11:38pm

Did anyone happen to find/pick up a red mvp volt Saturday at kencaid on the soccer field? Name and number were on the disc.


Tay Harling    April 17 at 4:07pm

Kincaid around 5 or 6 anyone?