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Thad Murgatroyd    July 27 at 3:07pm

Hi All. We are doing 3 big projects up at Hilltop and are looking for help. Rick has offered 2015 Season Pass , some Ski Passes and a 2016 Season golf pass for any volunteers that put in 80 hrs or get these 3 main projects done in a few weeks . I will be up there daily . We need the help to improve the course for for future use and events . You can reach me at 907 229 3740 . Thanks


Adam Klein    July 24 at 7:56pm

Anybody want to play Hilltop tonight?


Jordan Thies    July 11 at 3:01am

For all the wonderful disc golfers not doing rallly in the valley ,which I recommend I just can't do make it all day. So for all that are not going to rally. Cash game at pc . 1100 .

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Jordan Thies   July 11 at 1:48pm


Jake Haskin   July 11 at 2:32pm

so that means i can call at 11, tell you im on my way, then get there and putt for a few minutes right?

Shay Stewart   July 11 at 2:43pm

I have to paint my bros old house today, let's make it 2? Bahaha jk have fun

Som Bouasri    July 10 at 3:10pm

I am looking for a star boss to buy or trade for. 175g or around there.

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Jake Haskin   July 10 at 6:32pm

sounds good! ill bring it

tim kosednar   July 15 at 1:38am

Hey Sam, good work on the clinic at Hanshew. I won't be there Wed but I will get the discs back later on. Timk

Som Bouasri   July 15 at 12:21pm

No problem. Maybe I can run the discs by to where ever you are before I go to leagues?

Lou Dogg   July 9 at 2:59pm

Dope! Thanks for sharing!

Thad Gunther   July 10 at 4:41am

check out smashbox podcast episode 43! what!

Thad Murgatroyd    July 8 at 8:55pm

change of date for final saturday sanctioned league
Due to schedule conflict with sanctioned tournament, I have made a change of date for the final Saturday sanctioned league. The final league date will be Sunday 7/12/15. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause anyone. Thanks for everyone's support in my 1st venture in running a sanctioned league. Will post date change again as get closer to final league. Good luck to all participating in King of the Hill tournament. Oh, and forget your last hole and move on to the one you are throwing. Have fun and enjoy your rounds.


Tre Jones    July 8 at 4:13pm

Are you ready for the Rally? It's here!

This weekend come out and join us at Alcantra DGC for the valleys wildest tournament yet. $40 general entry with cash payout for Open players and prizes for the other divisions.

This will be an all day event with multiple disc golf games and entertainment. This tournament is geared towards adults 21 and over as some events take place at adult establishments.

Players pack for all entries with commemorative disc and other "special" goodies.


Jake Haskin    June 28 at 4:18am

If any of yall see someone playin anywhere with my green gorilla boy simian bag or and of my discs will you please be as forceful as possible in retrieving them for me?

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Andrew E   June 28 at 4:07pm

i got a **** to of discs as well that ur more then welcome to check out.

Andrew E   June 29 at 2:56am

i got a 2 money star destroyers. just let me know.

josh stewart   June 29 at 12:25pm

it'll be hard to remove your mark from those discs. i'd recognize the JH from across the course. Sorry to hear this happened buddy. which Fred's?

Tre Jones    June 15 at 1:56am

Anyone wanting to come out and play on June 29th for the Trilogy Challenge the MSDGA has purchased 25 packs and we still have plenty of spots open. Don't miss out on the $65+ worth of discs and swag and one hell of a good time for only $35. You can show up the day of and play but we would really appreciate everyone pre registering, you only have to pre pay to be guaranteed a spot. To register you can just leave a "I'm in" comment in the tournament page here on discgolfsce ... more

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Tre Jones   June 21 at 2:14pm

this was yesterday June 20th

Gabe K   June 22 at 8:00pm

I would of if I had the correct date of well.

Tre Jones   June 22 at 11:53pm

I apologize, unfortunately disc golf scene doesn't allow you to edit it. I did post a correct date just moments after here if you look above. as well as the correct date was on the tournament section. I will say if you want a players pack we still have some available.

Greg Rouse    June 2 at 2:51am

Get registered up SOON for the Trilogy Challenge! Remember, the packs have to be paid for in advance and then shipped from Kansas. What I can currently tell you is that the driver is fairway speed and slightly over stable, the midrange is flip city, and the putter is nice and stable and can be powered up hard. The player pack also contains a bunch of handy swag. June 20th, 2 rounds, 18 each at PC and alcantra, plenty of CTPs and other extras. Online registration is open and I will be accepting c ... more


J jackson    May 20 at 2:21pm

gonna be another big turn out for forest fling! just got some rock delivered this morning, if anyone has a truck that we could use to at least get the material to the places that it needs to be that would be greatly appreciated (i'm looking your way mike miles). Dom, Will or I will be around working over the next few days. come play some alternate looks and get a jump on the compitition.

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Adam Klein   May 21 at 4:25am

you bet Action....I am going to bring down empty totes and my gorilla wagon... I think we can make it work

J jackson   May 21 at 2:12pm

thanks a lot, see you when you get here

Will Harrison   May 21 at 7:37pm

Looks like I want be there til tomorrow. sorry guys, I tried.

Toni Osiecki    May 18 at 5:51pm

I'm having a hard time seeing where the schedule is on this link, please advise

Lou Dogg   May 18 at 6:26pm

I will email you a copy I created. If anyone else would like a copy please message me your address.

Eric Hepola    May 18 at 5:50pm

In search of any used champion roadrunners. If anyone has one they would like to sell and part with, please let me know. I'll be in G-Wood this weekend. Thanks,

kurtis schoenberg   May 18 at 6:36pm

got you buddy

Eric Hepola   May 18 at 9:38pm

Thanks bro, can't wait for the Fling.

Thad Gunther    May 18 at 5:06pm

Questions.....King of the hill....4 days 10 am teetime each day.....what layout or layouts will be played....?
AKDGC schedule? Am pads pro pads? PC final day ?

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Adam Klein   May 21 at 4:37am

KotH four days, tee times all four days the red layout (original) no layout changes.

Adam Klein   May 21 at 4:42am

AKDGC...Kincaid and PC....tourney schedule is not yet finalized. Course work and alternate sleeves at PC will be done in time for States.

J jackson   May 21 at 2:14pm

lets just play kincaid

Andy Nichols    May 17 at 11:45pm

Hey guys, I was wandering if there is a page or list of dates for tourneys this summer like states and others.... I'm back up here in the state and probably have to ask off for those dates sooner than later

Andy Nichols   May 18 at 8:59pm


Thad Murgatroyd    May 8 at 11:07pm

All 27 Baskets are in at Hilltop . The fly pads will go in in a week or so after all have completly dried out enought to be compacted. The course is playing great


John Roe    May 8 at 3:15am

If you are considering going to worlds you better register tonight, I knew they fill up fast and forgot, so ended up 4th on the wait list in the first 3 hours.


Thad Murgatroyd    May 6 at 4:11pm

We will be installing the Baskets on the big course on Thursday evening around 6ish . We will do a little work on the teepads but will we will hold off on installing flypads till we rebuild and compact the base . We could use a few people to help set the baskets and rake a few pads . The course will be open Saturday . Thanks and hope to see you on the hill


Greg Rouse    May 5 at 8:32pm

BYOP league at Alcantra Thursday. Sign up please if you're coming.


Jake Haskin    May 2 at 1:02am

I'm headin to Kincaid at 10am tomorrow. If enough folks show I'd like to do some pro/am dubs

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Joe Schacht   May 2 at 1:33am


Lou Dogg   May 2 at 1:46am


Mike Miles   May 2 at 4:51am