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Toni Osiecki    Sticky December 22 at 4:24pm

An electronic was sent to current members with an email address on file. If you are a current member who wants to vote and you did not receive a ballot, PM me here and share your preferred email. Don't be confused about my role, I'm not an active member of the board, just helping with elections. It seems there may be a secretary for 2016. Way to rally ADGA!!

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Toni Osiecki   December 23 at 12:35am

I'm not sure, that nomination was not verified by me. I should have included a write in. It was a name nominated in a comment here on DGS by Thad M. I looked for the comment to make sure the the spelling before sending it out but now I can't find it. Any other comments please, Thad or other?

Toni Osiecki   December 23 at 12:38am

found it, this person was nominated on Dec 14 in the comments on the news posting after the meeting that day.

Thad Murgatroyd   December 23 at 8:55pm

Timari Mitchell is Ken Mitchell wife . Ken is a disc golfer and works at PIAS. Timari brought their daughter Alex to every discgolf camp we held and seemed interested in disc golf . I thought she would be good for the position as she is smart and has the skills the secretary needs . I felt bringing ... more

steve nolff    5 days ago

Hey, hey my Alaskan disc golf bretheren. My wife and I are heading to Alaska for a land/cruise gig in August. Bought an extra day in Anchorage to check out the city. Thinking about checking out Kincaid whilst out your way. Is the park pretty easy to get to with public transportation or cab? We would love to meet up with a couple locals to throw a round with, but I will give a shout out a bit closer to that time. We are by no means pros (but both of us have been playing for a couple decades). Any info you might think useful would be greatly appreciated.

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Dave Rector   5 days ago

What Adam said, I'd love to go play with you all!

steve nolff   4 days ago

Thanks for the warm reception guys. We will look into a car rental, I appreciate the feedback. I don't know that we will have time to squeeze in more than one round, we would love to check out some of the city in our short time in Anchorage as well. I will definately be getting in touch this summer to make use of some course guiding.

Adam Klein   2 days ago

Excellent, look forward to meeting you and the Mrs.

Greg Rouse    January 19 at 8:10pm

The 2016 elections for msdga club officers went live just now. If you were a current member in 2015 and/or are a current club member now, you should have received an email. If you were/are a member and did not, please contact me and I will provide you with a URL. This survey will conclude in 30 days or when all current members have submitted a vote. Thank you for being patient with me during the busiest time of my work year. See you tomorrow night.


Gabe K    January 18 at 2:14pm

Of those going to Big Island who will be in Kona and heading to Hilo on the 20th? Give me a call/text if you are. I might need a ride or have a seat for you. 5034539725

Shay Stewart   January 18 at 3:25pm

Jake josh and I don't arrive til the 21 but we can probably give you a ride if your still in kona.

Gabe K   January 19 at 12:41pm

Shay I found a ride over on the 20th. Mahalo

Pat Miller    January 17 at 7:52pm

Is Ice Bowl happening this year? Inquiring minds would like to know. Thanks!

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Jeremy Boyd   January 19 at 2:02pm

So who wants to run it?

Greg Rouse   January 19 at 5:40pm

I'll help but can't guarantee anything for day-of. The phone is gonna keep ringing until April and I'll be out of town a lot. I'll make a couple phone calls for some prize merchandise acquisition though.

Mike Miles   January 19 at 11:20pm

Well, most of us play year round, I think. And a sanctioned tournament would be cool midwinter....

vlasy kutsev    December 28 at 12:25am

Since new years eve is on Thursday, MSDGA's northern lights doubles league is going to change its Thursday league to Tuesday this week only at Petets Creek. Adam and the ADGA is going to let us use the new lights for this day. I'm going to run it this night and we start at 7. Let me know if u are able to make it, also if u r running late give me a text. Vlasy- 907 575 8450

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Adam Klein   December 28 at 12:25pm

I am getting multi usb ports. My main concern for using the on Tues. was getting them charged back up for Weds. I will make sure they are ready for you Shay. Pinky promise... :)

Shay Stewart   December 28 at 2:04pm

I have a fairly busy night tonight. who/when plan to pick them up?

Shay Stewart   December 28 at 2:05pm

And thanks, Adam!

Jeremy Boyd    December 20 at 12:21pm

Who's throwing today? PC?

Will Harrison   December 20 at 1:39pm

I'd be down for an afternoon round. If you want, text me.

Jake Haskin    December 15 at 8:56pm

Anyone interested in goin to 2016 memorial, signup is tomorrow (Dec 16) at 7am our time. Its fills up super fast!

Shay Stewart   December 15 at 9:24pm

So jelly! I saw airline tickets to phx are on sale right now for 169!

Louie Orozco   December 16 at 11:24am

Thanks for posting this, Jake! It's filling up quickly! When I finished there were 48 signed up. I looked to see if I noticed any other familiar names (it's the Memorial so naturally, I did). After only a minute of browsing the list was up to 108! Sign up now if you're looking to go. Also, you must be current for the 2016 season to sign up. Hope to see a few more of you there too!

Thad Murgatroyd   December 16 at 12:45pm

I'm in . Looking forward to it

Adam Klein    December 14 at 3:33pm

Tonight's meeting teleconferencing will be through Hilltop's phone system. I will post the phone number in the agenda comments as soon as it becomes available to me.

Greg Rouse   December 14 at 10:13pm

Killer headache. Gonna have to skip out completely. Gonna go hide in the dark and try to sleep. Next time hopefully.

Greg Rouse    December 8 at 6:02pm

Couple things. As the kid moved down to "Iowa or wherever Jesse went," I have a empty passenger seat for travel to Wednesday night league at westchester. If any of you valley hooligans are interested in carpooling to anchorage, let me know and we'll set it up. Secondly, msdga officer elections for 2016 go live this month. If you are a current member or will be renewing as a msdga club member, and are interested in running for a position, let me know in private. I will also be need ... more


Thad Murgatroyd    December 8 at 1:48pm

I have a couple of leads to locations that might allow us to have a indoor putting league . I am checking to see what interest there is in having this and what day of the week everyone would like to see it on . Mondays seems like a good day .... Thoughts .

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Thad Murgatroyd   December 9 at 2:29am

I'll see what I can do . I will let you know and post it

Jeremy Boyd   December 9 at 9:12am

Not sure meeting night would be the best option, as we go a bit long at times

Adam Klein   December 10 at 3:35am

What about Sunday afternoon or early evening?

Adam Klein    December 8 at 2:35am

Election time... (fyi posting from tablet so pardon any missed crappy autospell) I would like for the election to happen the last week of December like last year with the ballot finalized by Mon Dec 21st and ballots going out on the 24th and closing Dec 31st. Now that I have gotten my business back to full time status I am ready to get back to club details. I would like to complete one more year as your club president to finish off started projects and discussions with Parks and Rec on cou ... more


Edan Badajos    December 6 at 1:13am

Hello fellow ADGA members, the end of the year is coming up fast and I haven't seen much club news posted recently. I was just wondering what is the time line for elections this year? Who is going to oversee the election process and handle the balloting? And, what are the current board positions and who is interested in filling them? Hope everyone is doing well, looking forward to a great year of AK disc golf in 2016!

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Adam Klein   December 10 at 3:36am

Bueller, bueller..... ;)

Casimir Abramczyk   December 10 at 9:29am

Let's keep DG VIABLE in AK! -well, viable in a manner we see fit... DG is popular & fun. Perhaps we leave our State to private development of DG... OR WE could take it & insure its (somewhat) free for all to enjoy and appreciate. I would like, as a member of ADGA, that constituents ... more

J JACKSON   December 15 at 4:33pm

Thanks cass we nominated you an honorary member last night for all the selfless work you do picking up Kincaid and being a general steward of the game, many people appreciate what you do!

Gabe K    December 4 at 9:24pm

Fellow AKDGA members this message is for you if you are planning to play at the Big Island Open DG Tournament; January 22, 23 & 24, 2016 Okay so some of you know there are two tournaments coming up early (January 2016) next year in Hawaii. One of which is the Big Island Open if you are planning to play this tournament the TD, Rob ([email redacted]) would like you to register in advance or at least give him notice so he has a head count. I asked him if i could share the information to you ... more

J JACKSON   December 6 at 4:59am

Thanks think I'll make it, I'll send him an email

Scott Johnson    December 2 at 5:31pm

Hey y'all, I left my flick on 8 or 9 at the goon on Monday, anyone pick it up?


josh stewart    November 26 at 2:32pm

Say something ... Hi guys, number changed. Updated on profile. With the insanity at work and my son on the way in February I haven't had much time. Plus Carolina being undefeated kinda has had my "free time" spoken for. Miss ya guysgals hope to play some wcl and service winter layout w you all soon


Louie Orozco    November 21 at 2:23am

Hi friends! I've been gone for 5 weeks now! Time has been movin' since I left. I don't plan on doing this regularly but I thought I'd check in. I'm finally 100% settled in. Meaning I'm ready to host! Last week was the 1st of 5 tournaments for me before the end of the year. Speaking of last week, I had an unfortunate 1st. I met a guy in the parking lot. Cool cat, friendly. I was standing there waiting to hear my name called for my hole assignment when h ... more

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Louie Orozco   November 25 at 3:01pm

Haha! No news is good news they say. Keep up the good work!

Aaron M   November 25 at 7:17pm

Where are you at these days??

Louie Orozco   November 25 at 9:30pm

Oh, damn! I forgot you're around these parts too! I'm in Puyallup. How about you?

Joel Cook    November 5 at 4:19am

Hi, I was just thinking about a favorite disc I lost back in June while on vacation and decided to check with some of the players that play Girdwood DGC regularly to see if maybe any news on it. It is a red Innova Star disc with a Hunger Games Jaybird dyed on it, on #14 hole where you throw across the driveway, on the Tee side of the driveway. I don't remember for sure what it was......T bird or valkyrie maybe ??? I would love to get it back if you hear of anyone finding it. I would give a reward and pay the shipping. Hope to hear about it, Joel Ph.(269)694-6207 PDGA# 66309


vlasy kutsev    October 31 at 11:48pm

If anyone is looking to play a cash round tomorrow(sunday) there will be a few of us at Peters creek at around 1230. Also stay safe tonight. Happy Halloween.

Tom Voight   November 1 at 12:18am

I should be there

Jordan Thies   November 1 at 1:12pm

Me too

Tre Jones    October 1 at 2:51pm

So I just wanted to openly apologize here as well for my absence in the scene lately, there has been alot of stuff going on behind the scenes with me that has involved a lot of working and just plain not having time available to do anything else but live life. I also let the Sunday league fall of at the end with having to work Sundays most times and for that i apologize to anyone who feels wronged by my lack of being able to continue that. That being said i am starting to be able to swim abov ... more

Jeremy Boyd   October 1 at 3:49pm

much love for ya Tre

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