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James Beckner    18 hours ago

Kincaid round 11am friday

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James Beckner   7 hours ago

pc 11am instead

Jeremy Boyd   6 hours ago

i might make a second round

Jake Haskin   2 hours ago

I'll be there at 11.30

Jake Haskin    2 days ago

Anybody up for a pre thanksgiving round tomorrow? Like 10 am at either the goon or Kincaid?

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Lou Dogg   2 days ago

Assuming most people have things to do, it seems like da Goon might be the best bet. Either way, I have no plans so I'd be down.

Jake Haskin   2 days ago

Turkey day throw down at the goon? Sounds good to me!

Jordan Thies   2 days ago

I'm in

Adam Klein    3 days ago

Whuz up for a glow round at PC tonight?! Maybe we'll see some Wild Turkey out there tonight. I am thinking 7 pm if we get enough peeps.

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Tre Jones   2 days ago


Tre Jones   2 days ago

oh, damn. he didnt find his aviar huh :/ that blows

Adam Klein   2 days ago

Thanx Tre and everybody else. I had a blast! Was a good temperature and a very fun round....go Jedi golf!

Jeremy Boyd    5 days ago

Silky is trying to arrange play at PC today at 10:30 for anyone who's game

Jeremy Boyd   5 days ago

Probably not happening now unless a few more are interested

Jeremy Boyd   5 days ago

Kincaid 11:30

Jeremy Boyd   5 days ago

Tees at Kincaid are very nice again

Adam Klein    November 19 at 12:55am

Anybody up for a late evening round at the Goon? Its a good temp out and itching to play a round...looking at 9:30 or 10.


Andy Severson    November 18 at 2:58pm

Anyone throwin today ?


James Beckner    November 17 at 5:21pm

Memorial championships sign up says 12/13/2014.... is that correct?

Lou Dogg   November 17 at 5:36pm

How would anyone within the ADGA know? Luckily, there's me :-) 12-13-14 is correct, my friend. When I saw that I had to confirm it because it falls on a Saturday. Just take care of it that morning and you'll be fine. 95 days away! #stoked!

Tre Jones    November 13 at 1:49pm

Just an update for any ADGA members coming out for MSDGA league tonight at Alcantra, Start time may be about 15mins later than normal due to the fact I will be at my daughters Elocutionist competition. Greg or Aaron may be there at the normal time handling signups. Thanks :D

Jeremy Boyd   November 13 at 2:27pm

Tell her to hold her head high and speak loudly : )

Joe Schacht    November 11 at 2:44am

What's up turkey tourney!?

Brian Gutzwiller   November 11 at 3:06am

Player Pack this year is a "Long Sleeve Performance Shirt in Silver". I will add the tournament to the scene soon.

Jeremy Boyd   November 11 at 10:34am

Nice. I am a fan of shirts that perform.

Tre Jones   November 13 at 1:46pm

sick! :D

Joe Schacht    November 10 at 4:54pm

Who's golfen today

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Rodney Stepp   November 10 at 5:57pm

Actually the goon

Andy Severson   November 10 at 6:06pm

im headong to the goon in a few

Dominic Plasencia   November 10 at 8:59pm

Ah man spent a couple hours at the goon earlier

Mike Miles    November 9 at 1:03am

Goon?... PC?.... Kincaid?... Where's the DG tomorrow?

Brad Larson   November 9 at 9:57am

I'm going to play the goon around 11, I don't know if anyone else is going to be down there.

Jake Haskin   November 9 at 1:31pm

Kincaid brad! Kincaid!!!

Jake Haskin    November 9 at 1:01am

Lets play Kincaid tomorrow(Sunday)!!!! 11am be there or be square!

Mike Miles   November 9 at 1:28am

Cool. Might be the last time Kincaid round for a

Mike Miles   November 9 at 1:29am


Eric Hepola    November 7 at 12:38pm

Anyone interested in playing around 1 at the Goon, hit me up. I'm off at 12:30.

Jake Haskin   November 7 at 12:57pm


Thad Murgatroyd    November 3 at 9:09pm

We will be having a Hilltop 2015 Planning meeting after the ADGA meeting tomorrow evening . All are welcome to attend

Jordan Thies   November 4 at 2:15pm

What time is the meeting(s)

Adam Klein   November 4 at 6:36pm

After the ADGA meeting which starts at 7

Shay Stewart    November 1 at 12:28pm

My PDGA rating finally broke 800! Sitting at 806! Been waiting a minute for this to happen! (:

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Thad Murgatroyd   November 1 at 2:07pm

Way to go Shay . I'm still reaping the results of a bad tourney season. I don't think it will go any lower than its present 866

Rob Parrish   November 1 at 2:09pm

Congrats! Now shoot for 900 and you'll be right up there with the best women in the world.

Toni Osiecki   November 4 at 12:56pm

Way to go Shay!! (you'd totes be at 830 in the lower 48, for real, we're low balled hard).

Thad Murgatroyd    October 31 at 4:49pm

We will be holding a 2015 season planning meeting following the ADGA meeting at hilltop Tueday evening . Everyone is welcome to attend and your imput and help are encouraged .


Tre Jones    October 29 at 4:14pm

Just a reminder to everyone about the toys for tots tourney in Wasilla on the 8th of November, the first 25 to register online will get a commemorative disc. Registration is $20 or $10 and a new unopened toy with a value of at least $10 and encourage you to bring a toy, we will have prizes for whoever donates the biggest toy and the most toys also. All donations will go to the matsu

Santa division of toys for tots.


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Thad Murgatroyd   October 30 at 12:30am

Adv please 43701

Tre Jones   October 30 at 12:36pm

added you Thad. :) glad to see you coming out to support the kids

Andrew E   November 1 at 12:30am

tre add me. Andrew E. 62819

Thad Murgatroyd    October 27 at 6:47pm

I just got awesome news . I am proud to announce that the 5th Annual King of The Hill hosted by Hilltop Disc golf and Hilltop Ski Area will be Alaska's 1st A Tier Tournament . It will be held on July 2 - 5th . More details to follow.

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Eric Hepola   October 28 at 2:41pm

If you would like a good registration model, Ft. Steilacoom Open has their sh** together.

Adam Klein   October 28 at 3:26pm

I will check that out and pass it along....thank you!

Jeremy Boyd   October 30 at 10:41am

Sweet deal Thad, can't wait to play my first A-tier!

Jake Haskin    October 25 at 10:39pm

Cash game tomorrow (Sunday) at 11am at PC brought to you by Greg "silky" Roberts. Should be fun!

Thad Murgatroyd   October 25 at 11:47pm

Dubs or singles ? Pools or handi for singles?

Jake Haskin   October 26 at 3:50am

No idea, silk just wants folks to show up, I'm sure doubles if there's enough people

Jeremy Boyd   October 26 at 3:07pm

11:08, no Silky or Jake

Greg Rouse    October 22 at 7:35pm

Dubs awards tomorrow night at alcantra. see you all there.