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Adam Klein    17 hours ago

Whuz up for a glow round at PC tonight?! Maybe we'll see some Wild Turkey out there tonight. I am thinking 7 pm if we get enough peeps.

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Adam Klein   15 hours ago

Ok so we got five playahs so far....who else is in??

Adam Klein   14 hours ago


Adam Klein   14 hours ago

Two more we got two full cards....

Jeremy Boyd    3 days ago

Silky is trying to arrange play at PC today at 10:30 for anyone who's game

Jeremy Boyd   3 days ago

Probably not happening now unless a few more are interested

Jeremy Boyd   3 days ago

Kincaid 11:30

Jeremy Boyd   3 days ago

Tees at Kincaid are very nice again

Adam Klein    November 19 at 12:55am

Anybody up for a late evening round at the Goon? Its a good temp out and itching to play a round...looking at 9:30 or 10.


Andy Severson    November 18 at 2:58pm

Anyone throwin today ?


James Beckner    November 17 at 5:21pm

Memorial championships sign up says 12/13/2014.... is that correct?

Lou Dogg   November 17 at 5:36pm

How would anyone within the ADGA know? Luckily, there's me :-) 12-13-14 is correct, my friend. When I saw that I had to confirm it because it falls on a Saturday. Just take care of it that morning and you'll be fine. 95 days away! #stoked!

Tre Jones    November 13 at 1:49pm

Just an update for any ADGA members coming out for MSDGA league tonight at Alcantra, Start time may be about 15mins later than normal due to the fact I will be at my daughters Elocutionist competition. Greg or Aaron may be there at the normal time handling signups. Thanks :D

Jeremy Boyd   November 13 at 2:27pm

Tell her to hold her head high and speak loudly : )

Joe Schacht    November 11 at 2:44am

What's up turkey tourney!?

Brian Gutzwiller   November 11 at 3:06am

Player Pack this year is a "Long Sleeve Performance Shirt in Silver". I will add the tournament to the scene soon.

Jeremy Boyd   November 11 at 10:34am

Nice. I am a fan of shirts that perform.

Tre Jones   November 13 at 1:46pm

sick! :D

Joe Schacht    November 10 at 4:54pm

Who's golfen today

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Rodney Stepp   November 10 at 5:57pm

Actually the goon

Andy Severson   November 10 at 6:06pm

im headong to the goon in a few

Dominic Plasencia   November 10 at 8:59pm

Ah man spent a couple hours at the goon earlier

Mike Miles    November 9 at 1:03am

Goon?... PC?.... Kincaid?... Where's the DG tomorrow?

Brad Larson   November 9 at 9:57am

I'm going to play the goon around 11, I don't know if anyone else is going to be down there.

Jake Haskin   November 9 at 1:31pm

Kincaid brad! Kincaid!!!

Jake Haskin    November 9 at 1:01am

Lets play Kincaid tomorrow(Sunday)!!!! 11am be there or be square!

Mike Miles   November 9 at 1:28am

Cool. Might be the last time Kincaid round for a

Mike Miles   November 9 at 1:29am


Eric Hepola    November 7 at 12:38pm

Anyone interested in playing around 1 at the Goon, hit me up. I'm off at 12:30.

Jake Haskin   November 7 at 12:57pm


Thad Murgatroyd    November 3 at 9:09pm

We will be having a Hilltop 2015 Planning meeting after the ADGA meeting tomorrow evening . All are welcome to attend

Jordan Thies   November 4 at 2:15pm

What time is the meeting(s)

Adam Klein   November 4 at 6:36pm

After the ADGA meeting which starts at 7

Shay Stewart    November 1 at 12:28pm

My PDGA rating finally broke 800! Sitting at 806! Been waiting a minute for this to happen! (:

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Thad Murgatroyd   November 1 at 2:07pm

Way to go Shay . I'm still reaping the results of a bad tourney season. I don't think it will go any lower than its present 866

Rob Parrish   November 1 at 2:09pm

Congrats! Now shoot for 900 and you'll be right up there with the best women in the world.

Toni Osiecki   November 4 at 12:56pm

Way to go Shay!! (you'd totes be at 830 in the lower 48, for real, we're low balled hard).

Thad Murgatroyd    October 31 at 4:49pm

We will be holding a 2015 season planning meeting following the ADGA meeting at hilltop Tueday evening . Everyone is welcome to attend and your imput and help are encouraged .


Tre Jones    October 29 at 4:14pm

Just a reminder to everyone about the toys for tots tourney in Wasilla on the 8th of November, the first 25 to register online will get a commemorative disc. Registration is $20 or $10 and a new unopened toy with a value of at least $10 and encourage you to bring a toy, we will have prizes for whoever donates the biggest toy and the most toys also. All donations will go to the matsu

Santa division of toys for tots.


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Thad Murgatroyd   October 30 at 12:30am

Adv please 43701

Tre Jones   October 30 at 12:36pm

added you Thad. :) glad to see you coming out to support the kids

Andrew E   November 1 at 12:30am

tre add me. Andrew E. 62819

Thad Murgatroyd    October 27 at 6:47pm

I just got awesome news . I am proud to announce that the 5th Annual King of The Hill hosted by Hilltop Disc golf and Hilltop Ski Area will be Alaska's 1st A Tier Tournament . It will be held on July 2 - 5th . More details to follow.

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Eric Hepola   October 28 at 2:41pm

If you would like a good registration model, Ft. Steilacoom Open has their sh** together.

Adam Klein   October 28 at 3:26pm

I will check that out and pass it along....thank you!

Jeremy Boyd   October 30 at 10:41am

Sweet deal Thad, can't wait to play my first A-tier!

Jake Haskin    October 25 at 10:39pm

Cash game tomorrow (Sunday) at 11am at PC brought to you by Greg "silky" Roberts. Should be fun!

Thad Murgatroyd   October 25 at 11:47pm

Dubs or singles ? Pools or handi for singles?

Jake Haskin   October 26 at 3:50am

No idea, silk just wants folks to show up, I'm sure doubles if there's enough people

Jeremy Boyd   October 26 at 3:07pm

11:08, no Silky or Jake

Greg Rouse    October 22 at 7:35pm

Dubs awards tomorrow night at alcantra. see you all there.


Thad Murgatroyd    October 20 at 5:25pm

Hilltop DG is happy to announce that the team grew by 1 member for next year . Help us welcome Shay Stewart to Team Hilltop . Thanks for joining up Shay . With the snow comes the end of the Short 9 for the year . I will be pulling the Baskets on Tuesday but it will be going back in in April so Thank You to everyone for coming out and making it a sucess .

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Thad Murgatroyd   October 20 at 9:30pm

We can reinstall the 9 about a week after the hill closes for skiing so we can have another course for spring golf and glo rounds

Adam Klein   October 21 at 2:34am

Awesome news...Shay is a great choice and addition to Team Hilltop. Welcome aboard Shay!!

Shay Stewart   October 21 at 11:39pm

Thanks Adam.

Thad Murgatroyd    October 14 at 10:50pm

There are also Rocs, Wedges Skeeters and foxbats